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ApparatPV 27. Dez. 2014
Still CornersI Wrote in Blood 8. Nov. 2014
alt-JLeft Hand Free 8. Nov. 2014
Wye OakCivilian 8. Nov. 2014
Childish GambinoII. Shadows 5. Nov. 2014
Big SeanBeware 5. Nov. 2014
Lupe FiascoOut Of My Head - feat. Trey Songz 5. Nov. 2014
Theophilus LondonLove Is Real - feat. Holly Miranda 5. Nov. 2014
DrakeHold On, We're Going Home 5. Nov. 2014
Wiz KhalifaPaperbond 5. Nov. 2014
Wiz KhalifaWork Hard, Play Hard 5. Nov. 2014
Theophilus LondonWine and Chocolates 5. Nov. 2014
Chiddy BangOpposite of Adults 5. Nov. 2014
Wiz KhalifaNo Sleep 5. Nov. 2014
Kanye WestWelcome To Heartbreak 5. Nov. 2014
Frank OceanSwim Good 5. Nov. 2014
Frank OceanPyramids 5. Nov. 2014
Theophilus LondonTribe (feat. Jesse Boykins III) 5. Nov. 2014
Theophilus LondonLast Name London 5. Nov. 2014
Theophilus LondonWine and Chocolates 5. Nov. 2014
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Über mich

I smile when there's nothing to smile about, I cry when everyone else is too ashamed to, I hardly ever make sense to anyone normal, I dance even when the only music playing is in my head, I love my piano, I write or paint when the rest of the world is sleeping, and I always manage to make this life feel as luxuriously amazing as that of a Queen's. That's me. Call me immature. Call me naive. I live Large. And quite frankly, I'm suspicious of those who don't :o)

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