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Jim O'RourkeNot Sport, Martial Art Lieblingslied Gestern um 14:14
Jim O'RourkeThe Visitor Lieblingslied Gestern um 13:48
SlowdiveMelon Yellow Lieblingslied Gestern um 13:44
SlowdiveBlue Skied An' Clear Lieblingslied Gestern um 13:05
SlowdiveMelon Yellow Lieblingslied Gestern um 13:01
SlowdiveBlue Skied An' Clear Lieblingslied Gestern um 12:52
SlowdiveMelon Yellow Lieblingslied Gestern um 12:48
SlowdiveMelon Yellow Lieblingslied Gestern um 12:44
SlowdivePrimal Gestern um 12:38
SlowdiveThe Sadman Gestern um 12:36
SlowdiveBrighter Gestern um 12:32
SlowdiveWaves Gestern um 12:26
SlowdiveBallad Of Sister Sue Gestern um 12:20
SlowdiveCatch the Breeze Gestern um 12:15
SlowdiveCelia's Dream Gestern um 12:11
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  • killingtime65

    Is that you on the cover? LOL

    vor 4 Stunden Antworten
  • flounderingMass

    You love John Maus! :D

    29. Jul., 4:45 Antworten
  • flounderingMass

    Oh yeah! Check out Faust vs Dalek. It's my favorite.

    28. Jul., 20:38 Antworten
  • mushin_no_shin

    "I just rated tons of crappy "films" + extremely short ones you know.." [2] and i've only done that with less than half as many films as you.. o.O so i still think i need to catch up! but you're right to a certain extent - some of the films i've seen lately you haven't rated yet, so at least i have some recommendations to share these days.. par example, Weerasethakul's 'Syndromes and a Century' X)

    27. Jul., 17:19 Antworten
  • mushin_no_shin

    Watched 61 films so far this year (~50 this summer). Seen everything by Aronofsky, Jarmusch, and Malick now. Auteurs' filmographies I plan to complete watching next are Lynch, Ming-liang and Weerasethakul. Hope I can finish them before summer ends X) I see you haven't been too active on there, but that just gives me time to catch up!

    24. Jul., 14:19 Antworten
  • kelvanE

    I love the new Fennesz.

    21. Jul., 1:46 Antworten
  • flounderingMass

    It's great to meet a fellow dalek fan! What's your favorite album from them? Have you heard their vs albums?

    20. Jul., 13:25 Antworten
  • flounderingMass

    You seem to be better versed in music than me so I'll give it my best shot! You like bebop jazz? Maybe Brilliant Corners by Thelonious Monk. Hip hop? Donuts by J Dilla and Absence by dalek. Black metal? trist - willenscraft, Cold World - Melancholie2. Atmospheric? Peter Miller- spirits in the air, gremlins on the clouds. Hope you enjoy.

    20. Jul., 2:49 Antworten
  • mushin_no_shin

    Malick isn't my favorite film director - he's one of my favorites, and considering I still haven't seen so many films I think that's fair. Also, it occurs to me that since you haven't seen what I consider to be his two best films, perhaps you ought to reconsider your position on sir Malick x)

    19. Jul., 16:56 Antworten
  • flounderingMass

    SUPER. :)

    14. Jul., 23:42 Antworten
  • kelvanE

    good to see you're listening to Autechre.

    10. Jul., 7:04 Antworten
  • killingtime65

    Well, most people are never aware of their influence on the others :) (especially you! xD). Sabina=June? :D. What makes you feel related to it? I’m so very curious. And which Quay brothers & Maya Deren films? Thanks for the link. I love it, it's dreamy and psychedelic :). Yeah, I saw you gave two stars for that novel. I like her three other novels, so I want to know why you gave it a low rating. Please, tell me! :)). Btw, I'm sorry, Zun...

    5. Jul., 18:42 Antworten
  • mushin_no_shin

    For once I have some films to recommend you :3 Terry Malick - To The Wonder and The Thin Red Line x)

    3. Jul., 4:10 Antworten
  • mushin_no_shin

    not yet!

    29. Jun., 19:23 Antworten
  • mushin_no_shin

    Uncle Boonmee was such a sublime film ♡ ♡ ♡

    23. Jun., 16:09 Antworten
  • killingtime65

    [And I LOVE people who teach me the beauty of simple things, like you always do :)]

    22. Jun., 7:51 Antworten
  • killingtime65

    =)) You’re funny when you get excited over something. It’s really nice to see that playful side of you :). Btw, that Doctor Reubenstein palindrome isn’t legit, don’t you think? It made me laugh, though :)). I never noticed about Starálfur being a musical palindrome. So, thanks for the link!

    22. Jun., 7:45 Antworten
  • mushin_no_shin

    if i open a dance club someday i'll have at least one happy patron :D

    19. Jun., 17:00 Antworten
  • mushin_no_shin

    :3 it was thrown together rapidly so I was afraid you wouldn't like it much. re: NHK: Dance Classics Vol.1 is my favorite.

    19. Jun., 16:43 Antworten
  • kelvanE

    I didn't get too far in it. I need to get more of the puzzle pieces.

    17. Jun., 19:51 Antworten
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