Creative Commons for Crafters

support diy and take the power back from the record companies. A bunch of rad tracks by musicians doing it their own way.
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Titel Dauer
1 Aleksi VirtaPrincess Melodiae kostenloser Download 5:45
2 The Great MundaneJuno Had A Rough Day kostenloser Download 1:41
3 Comfort FitBag of Nothingness kostenloser Download 3:49
4 DustmotesLes Mains Sales 3:07
5 The Banjo Consortiumgrizzly 8:49
6 Malty MediaBracken Bed kostenloser Download Loved track 5:32
7 Ryan HarveyA Heart That Beats No More Loved track 1:27
8 Brenna SahatjianRise Like Lions 3:16
9 No, ReallyCitizen, Go Back To Sleep kostenloser Download 1:57
10 Tidy kidKommt kostenloser Download 2:03
11 The Wind WhistlesTreehouse Lullaby 3:15
12 The Wind WhistlesMaking Your Own Stuff 1:03
13 Entertainment for the BraindeadResolutions kostenloser Download 3:33
14 Big Blood & The Bleedin' HeartsNight Lighter 4:15
15 Emilie LundChildhood Friend 3:19
16 Het GlorenThat I Love You kostenloser Download 3:31
17 TwizzleBarefoot Girl/Pebble Road 2:58
18 wAgAwAgABeeg Spenda Loved track 7:27


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