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kkrob71's top albums (overall) img]http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/1921/4ee673236e2b8.jpg

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Sex, drugs & rock n'roll!!
Hey listen don't you let them get your mind
Fill your brain with orders and that's not right.
They're playing at a game that draws you closer
Till you're living in a world that's ruled by fear.
Always takin' baby out that's o.k.
What they're givin' maybe it's out of phase with me.
Told you one you're never gonna win the race
Same old no tomorrow kicked in the face.
We are screaming, screaming for vengeance
The world is a manacled place.

Screaming, screaming for vengeance
The world is defiled in disgrace.
Tie a blindfold all around your head
Spin you 'round in the torture before the dread.
And then you're pushed and shoved into every corner
Then they lead you out into the final slaughter.
KKROB71's top albums (overall) 1. Nuclear Vomit - Obora (2433)
2. Nasum - Grind Finale (2223)
3. Nasum - Inhale/Exhale (1584)
4. Ojciec Dyktator - Heresy is Fun (1365)
5. Nasum - Human 2.0 (915)
6. Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness (902)
7. Judas Priest - Priest...Live! (878)
8. Nasum - Helvete (865)
9. Whorehouse - Execution Of Mankind (864)
10. Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance (850)

As the sweat is runnin' down your neck
All your praying for's to stop your body breakin' up.
Oh your heart is pumpin' gonna soon explode
Got to fight the horror of this mental load.

So you wait it out and bide your time
Rip off that straight jacket gotta break that line.
Everyone who wins in the great escape
Leaves a thousand more who suffer in their wake.

I don't talk about it but that's alright
Table's turned now there's a revenge in sight.
If it takes forever babe I tell ya I can wait
Send them screaming back through their hell's own gate.


Riding the wind on a stormy night
Rides a mother's son to take your life.
They say he died ten years ago
But the list of victims seems to grow.
Like father like son the Bible read
Three sixes brand the top of his head
Never heard, seen then too late,
Overkill, seals your fate!!!!!!!!!!!

Driven by the host of hell
Wicked smile cross, the showing skull.
The victim dies no fucking loss
Overkill, buries the cross
That scarlet sin the soul is weary
Genre et morte, mal vivire
The fallen angel open the cell,
Overkill's victim enters Hell!

Who can tell me who I am
Am I Overkill each death a sin.
Questions linger as I walk the path
I am Overkill, the Devil's wrath!

So when you walk alone, in the night
And your bones are chilled, skin so tight!
Beware the sound of a galloping horse
Overkill has another corpse....

Ride high, ride tall
Overkill will never fall
Full moon, sharp sword
Satan is your Lord
Midnight, dark sky
Overkill will never die
Blood bath, die fast
Overkill the Devil's wrath!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kill kill kill kill

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