Favorite Bands A to Z (2010)


8. Mai. 2010, 9:08

Woooooo! It's time for my "4th Annual Favorite Bands A to Z Journal"! Pretty cool that I've stuck with this for four years straight, but it's not too hard since it takes an hour or so to do anyway. Time to see what bands, if any, have changed for me over the past year. Each letter/favorite that is changed from last year is in bold.

I'm a huge fan of most of these bands, but not all of them - some of them are just the one I like the best that starts with that letter.

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Here goes...

A - Avenged Sevenfold (same as 2008-2009; AC/DC was 2007)

B - Bury Your Dead (dethroning Betty Blowtorch from 2007-2009)
[Kind of sad knocking BB off the list since they're one of my favorite bands of all-time, but over the past 12 months, BYD is my most played band... by far.]

C - Children of Bodom (same as 2007-2009)
[I either need to listen to CoB more or a "better" artist starting with this letter. I rarely played them over the past year. Time to start again.]

D - DevilDriver (dethroning Damone with authority from 2009; Disturbed from 2007-2008)
[After BYD, DevilDriver is my second most played band over the past 12 months, so this is an obvious one. However, if I didn't get into DevilDriver, Disturbed would have dethroned Damone, who dethroned them.]

E - EVE 6 (same as 2007-2009)

F - Frank Sinatra (same as 2009; Ferry Corsten from 2007-2008)
[This was so close since Five Finger Death Punch is a new addition over the past year and they're my third most played band, but I still like Sinatra more. Plus, he's 4th with only 30 less plays than FFDP.]

G - Guns N' Roses (same as 2007-2008)
[No competition here.]

H - HorrorPops (same as 2008-2009; HIM was 2007)

I - Insane Clown Posse (same as 2009; Iron Maiden from 2007-2008)

J - Jay-Z (same as 2008-2009; Justin Timberlake was 2007)

K - Killingbird (same as 2007-2009)

L - Lacuna Coil (same as 2007-2009)

M - Motörhead (dethroning Mariah Carey from 2007-2009)

N - Notorious B.I.G. (same as 2007-2009)
[Close one, since I've listened to Nickelback a lot over this past year too... just not the shitty ballads.]

O - Orgy (same as 2007-2009)

P - P!nk (making a comeback, dethroning Powerman 5000 (2009), who dethroned P!nk from 2007-2008)
[Got all that? Probably not. I've listened to Powerman 5000 slightly more than P!nk this past year, but it's not enough to make up for seeing her live twice and still being a big fan, while I wasn't into the new Powerman 5000 music as their previous shiz.]

Q - Queensrÿche (same as 2007-2009)
[I suppose it's by default since I haven't played them much this past year. I just checked... 105 plays. Way more than I thought!]

R - Rise Against (dethroning Rev Theory from 2009; Rob Zombie from 2007-2008)
[Looks like Rev Theory was a "one year wonder" since I interviewed them in 2009 and probably listened to them because of that. I only got into Rise Against in the past few months, but they're on the rise while Rev Theory is on the decline, at least when it comes to play counts. We'll see if Rise Against can maintain the momentum.]

S - Sam Sparro (same as 2009; Skyla Talon from 2007-2008)
[Interesting one since I've become good friends with Skyla, the guitarist and songwriter in Killingbird, over the past year and he's working on multiple projects (like ModelSaint) which are excellent, but I'm a rational, objective person, and friendship isn't enough to dethrone S.A.M.S.P.A. double R.O. jazzam!]

T - Third Eye Blind (same as 2007-2009)

U - Usher by default (same as 2007-2009)
[Alright, one of my musical goals before May 2011 is to get into some other bands that start with a "U", because I've rarely listened to Usher this past year. I just checked. Ha, I was right. One whole listen over the past 12 months!]

V - Volbeat (dethroning Van Halen from 2007-2009)
[I absolutely love both bands, but Volbeat has the 5th most plays over the past 12 months, more than twice as much as Van Halen at 15th. I foresee Volbeat holding onto this spot for years to come since I still listen to them like a madman.]

W - Wildside (same as 2008-2009; The Wildhearts were 2007)

X - X (same as 2007-2009)
[Same as the letter "U', I need to listen to more music by bands whose names begin with an "X". Of the nearly 25,000 songs on my iPod, I have two artists total whose names start with an X, and I don't listen to either of them much, aside from X's "Wild Thing" a few times.]

Y - Your Vegas (same as 2009; Yeah Yeah Yeahs from 2007-2008)

Z - ZZ Top (dethroning Zoë Keating from 2007-2009)
[Wow, I haven't listened to Zoë Keating once over the past 12 months, so I'll rectify that now. She's somebody I would pay a lot of money to see live, but I still enjoy her music, so time to listen to it more.]

# - 2Pac (same as 2007-2008)


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