• Heavy Metals

    21. Mär. 2011, 14:10

    heavy metals

    This is something I've been thinking of for awhile and it's rather serious to me, so proper capitalization is needed. (so as to seem more intelligent :O )

    Personally, I'm a diehard metal NERD. All types and subgenres. Everything from generic metalcore to power metal, metallic hardcore to black metal and all around. I could probably name more Swedish metal musicians than I could famous American politicians and their work. I can get down to Dio just as I can get down to Killswitch Engage or Hate Eternal, but something just kills me.

    To your average person walking around, who still uses Limewire (:rofl:) and gets their whole taste from terrestrial radio, metal is all "UGHGHGH I SLAY GOATS ON THE ALTER, RAPE YOUR MOTHER GRORURURURURUR". It's ridiculous, it's like Metallica, Pantera,Lamb of God or Killswitch never climbed the Billboard charts, metal is to this day, STILL stereotyped as music for satanists and angry people. I'm a little more angry than most, but at the same time I pride myself with how polite and well mannered I am.

    I listen to, no infact I fucking LOVE death metal, but I certainly don't use it as an outlet for anger or any sort of emotional deformity. I just like the sonic journey thru existentialism that extreme metal creates. On the contrary, well written metal is very intelligent and people who laud it as being barbaric are ironic because their ears aren't trained to get it. There's MUSIC to be heard, it's not mundane elevator music simply there to support the vocals. You have to focus and I suppose the average fellow has ADD music taste and only likes to listen passively, which is fine, but don't you dare step on the soap box and try to say metal is for the deranged and it promotes violence and anger, you Tipper Gore asshole.

    Metal isn't one thing. It's everything. Everything from Death, Life, Anger, Hope, Peace, and even castles and dragons if you're into that. If you're after a certain emotion or atmosphere, I assure you there is a metal band somewhere playing it. If you want minimalist metal about nature and the world, then there's bands like Nokturnal Mortum or Drudkh ect. If you want metal thats urban and modern with a blend of modern pop, there is In Flames orRaunchyect. If you're a Tech Geek and want metal played for fellow musician nerds, there's bands like Into Eternity,Necrophagist, Arsis or Neuraxis. Anyway, there's so much, it is it's own music industry away from everything else.

    My metal journey started with Megadeth/Metallica (like most) then I went toIron Maiden/Dio. Then Slayer, Pantera, Testament and Sepultura. Those four were my introduction to extreme metal. Then I found Darkane and In Flames and the world of metal was opened.

    There's these two butt buddies at work who feel the need to blast their mp3 players thru the cars and I swear they play the most pedestrian shit I've ever heard. Recent Eminem on blast, Toby Keith, Trace Adkins, Jason Aldean. If the hillbilly stuff wasn't bad enough, they have to throw in Creed, and whatever rock band clear channel wants you to listen to. DISTURBED AND AVENGED SEVENFOLD. (those two I call "metal" for people who don't have the balls for real metal). Anyway, these two guys are proponents of the "metal is for music for the alter of sacrifice" when it sounds like their moms loaded their players for them. Rebel flags flying proudly on their Dodge Rams with 23' mud tires. HA. someone in your family must have small genitalia, overcompensating? Presumptuous I know, but fuck those guys regardless.

    But yes, there IS a shit-ton of stereotype metal about virgin and goat slayings, but it's not the norm. I mean country singers rave about tequila and beer, so is it safe to assume country listeners are all hillbilly drunks?

    In closing, I don't mean to offend anyone. I know some of you aren't big metal fans and that is perfectly OK. but some, even if youre not currently into metal, I know your ears can handle it and can hear the idea behind the cacophony.This is just another rant about how ignorance isn't bliss, it's bullshit actually.

    tl;dr version

    Don't talk about my music taste when you think clear channel music is the be all/end all, you fucking cultural sponge.
  • good albums recently

    28. Mär. 2010, 19:26

    cool albums ive been into lately...

    Solution .45 -For Aeons Past (Melodic Death Metal)
    In-Quest - Made Out of Negative Matter (Tech/Death Metal)
    Man Must Die- No Tolerance For Imperfection (Tech/Death Metal)
    Deftones - Diamond Eyes
    Face Down - The Will To Power (Thrash/Death Metal)

    all highly recommended
  • My Kent Mix!

    21. Feb. 2006, 0:56

    I recently made a mix of awesome Kentsongs, which was harrrrd as you can imagine. In the end I selected 18 songs with a playing time of about 74 minutes. Selections from Hangesta Hill are from the English version of the album.

    01. The King is Dead
    02. Din Skugga
    03. Spökstad
    04. Music Non Stop
    05. Palace and Main
    06. Max 500
    07. Bas Rif
    08. Revolt III
    09. Sundance Kid
    10. Flen-Paris
    11. 400 Slag
    12. Heavenly Junkies
    13. Du är ånga
    14. Pojken Med Hålet I Handen
    15. I Den Vita Hatten
    16. Romeo återväender Ensam
    17. Som Vatten
    18. Ngenting Naagonsin

    I realize its missing a ton of classics, but theres only so much room you can fit on a CD.