• Top albums 2012

    2. Jan. 2013, 13:52

  • Seen live

    17. Dez. 2012, 1:01

    Thought I'd try this. Not that I should be studying for my finals or anything. Erhm.
    These are the artists I've attended (and actually listened to while attending) the concerts of, not the ones I've pretty much just walked past during a local festival.
    The event part of my profile obviously shows exactly what event and when I saw them.
    Johnny's in groups but with solo releases, that performed those solo songs, will count as individuals as well.

    A.B.C-Z x4
    Abingdon Boys School
    Adept x2
    Alice in Videoland

    Band of Horses
    Chemical Vocation
    Cinema Bizarre
    Dead by April
    Her Bright Skies x2
    Hey! Say! JUMP x4
    HITT x3
    ジャニーズJr. xn
    Kill Hannah
    Kis-My-Ft2 x4
    noon boyz
    Salem Al Fakir
    Seremedy x3
    Sexy Boyz x2
    Sexy Zone x6
    Snow Man
    The Arekusandaa Project
    Versailles x3
    山田涼介 x4
  • Fri 14 Oct – HITT SHOW

    17. Okt. 2011, 4:52

    Fri 14 Oct – HITT SHOW

    So yeah I wrote about this over at my super awesome school project blog.
  • Versailles at UppCon:XI

    2. Jul. 2011, 13:11

    Fri 3 Jun – UppCon 2011

    Yeah so I wrote a live report for this.
    For JpopAsia.
    So go there to read it.
  • OkashiiCon 2011 - Seremedy

    7. Mär. 2011, 14:49

    Sat 5 Mar – OkashiiCon

    This is going to be short, but maybe nice for someone to read? :D

    So, Saturday night in Malmö, at OkashiiCon, Seremedy held a concert.
    I had fun, and I'm pretty sure the others involved in the audience did as well!

    They played DISTANT FUCKER, IDEAL ENEMY, Bulletproof Roulette, and at least one more song I don't think I know the name of. They also had an instrumental part which really got the crowd going!

    All I wish is that more people would stay all through the concert. It's difficult at a convention with people in fancy outfits, I know, but the band deserves it, and it's definitely more fun if there are more people in the crowd who are really into it!
  • CD / DVD wishlist

    23. Dez. 2010, 15:17

    CDs I wish I had.


    ALSDEAD - S.a.g.A
    アンド - ブラックアウト


    D - Schwarzschild [Limited Edition]
    DELUHI - Visvasrit
    Dio - Distraught Overlord - 白夜ニ燃ユル花


    Kis-My-Ft2 - Everybody Go, like every version. And like every other single version I don't have.


    宇宙戦隊NOIZ - Like everything I don't have already

  • mainstream-ness

    13. Sep. 2010, 14:28

    was bored

    1. List the 20 artists you listened to the most.
    2. Find out how many listeners they have on Last.FM
    3. Add all the listeners together.
    4. Divide by 20.
    5. Divide this average by the number of Radiohead listeners on Last.FM.
    6. Multiply by 100 to get a percentage.
    7. Voilà, your mainstream-ness has been returned to you.

    1. Artists, 2. Listeners:
    1. Imitation PoPs 宇宙戦隊 NOIZ (2,416)
    2. Kaya (16,900)
    3. D (50,072)
    4. Versailles (49,490)
    5. Dio - Distraught Overlord (6,078)
    6. -OZ- (14,295)
    7. ムック (83,047)
    8. DELUHI (10,072)
    9. Sadie (27,423)
    10. アンド (1,423)

    3. Add together: 261,219

    4. Divide by 20: 13,060.95

    5. Divide by the number of Radiohead listeners: 13,060.95 / 2,902,325 = 0.00450017

    6. Multiply by 100, 7. Voilà: 0.450001 = 45%

    I thought I'd be more mainstream than that.

    And hey, how can NOIZ be the ones with the second least listeners of all these?!

    And honestly, I thought Versailles had more listeners than D. And I thought Dio had way more listeners. Maybe they're split up because of the tags. But still.
  • Method of Inheritance- VERSAILLES WORLD TOUR 2010

    27. Jun. 2010, 19:07

    Sat 26 Jun – -Method of Inheritance- VERSAILLES WORLD TOUR 2010


    First played was Sound in Gate, followed by Prelude as they walked in, one by one. The support bassist sneaked in while one of the other boys were doing their dramatic poses, which was understandable. YUKI first, then TERU, then HIZAKI and lastly, KAMIJO. That order was rather obvious though.

    I and my friend K got the luck (?) to stand right in front of KAMIJO. Question mark is there because of the not-so-sweet smell of sweaty leather and knees/crotch in front of our heads making us unable to headbang from time to time, but I guess I shouldn't complain. I've got one thing to say, and that's that my concert memory is very limited. I often forget what happens. So I'll pick out special songs or things that happens and write more specifically about that. On to the concert.

    The first song they played was Aristocrat's Symphony. Beautiful. They played Gekkakou after that, which was more than awesome. What I remember more of was zombie though, maybe because it's "TERU's song" to me. I like that song a lot too, have always done so. That was one great concert song.

    The next song I really remember was Ai to kanashimi no nocturne, mainly because I think it's beautiful and they did it very well.

    Okay, they did everything very well.

    Shout&Bites was epic, as expected. Karami tsuita bara no toge ga... And then they got off stage, and a few soundtracks from the movie were played until they got on again.

    Now I'm skipping many songs only to come to Serenade. It was very beautiful, and KAMIJO expressed feelings. Definitely understandable. I'll admit I cried during that. Good thing the played ASCENDEAD MASTER after that, both as their last PV-song with Jasmine You, and to get the people going again. After that they played PRINCESS, amazing, and KAMIJO claimed it to be their last song. The ones that have been to concerts before knew it wasn't.

    The very last song was in fact The Revenant Choir, the only PV song they hadn't played yet. Both I and K knew it was coming. The first song on the encore was The Red Carpet Day, of which I only remember the shouts.

    Random things I remember? HIZAKI coming in with a big shawl (is that a more proper word than 'scarf'? It wasn't really a scarf.). That was before they played Catharsis. He is very pretty.
    KAMIJO told us we were pretty. Even, "I'm happy... Because, you are beatiful".
    Also, during the ASCENDEAD MASTER solo, HIZAKI and TERU were standing there side by side, looked at each other, smiled and did the same movements as in the PV.
    KAMIJO spat on us, and sweated on us.
    And when we were driving home, the moon was full.

    So in all, a great concert by a great band. I just wish the sound had been better. I could barely hear the vocals since the loudspeakers were far apart and pretty far from the scene, and I was in the middle and in the very front. The guitars were very very loud though.

    -Supposed setlist-
    This isn't for sure. These are the song I and K are sure they played, but we're not completely sure of the order. Please correct us if you see we did something wrong.
    1. Aristocrat's Symphony
    2. 月下香 / Gekkakou
    3. zombie
    4. PRINCE
    5. 愛と哀しみのノクターン / Ai to kanashimi no nocturne
    6. The Umbrella of Glass
    7. Shout&Bites

    8. Catharsis
    9. Amorphous
    10. Serenade
    12. PRINCESS

    13. The Red Carpet Day
    14. The Revenant Choir
  • UppCon:10 - HITT & Seremedy

    12. Apr. 2010, 15:35

    Fri 9 Apr – UppCon:10

    A cold weekend in Uppsala.

    HITT was awesome. Too much screaming girls though. Want to go to a concert with him, without the young people. Yay for age limits at concerts. Anyway, HITT knows how to save a concert when stuff stop working.

    Seremedy did well too, even though the Saturday was even colder than the Friday. Rain and wind. Also, the sound wasn't awesome, but they did their best. Felt sorry for YOHIO too, in that outfit anyone would've been cold.
  • abingdon boys school in Stockholm

    8. Nov. 2009, 13:32

    Fri 6 Nov – abingdon boys school

    Yeah, I went to see Abingdon Boys School the 6th of November. The concert was great, and I felt I needed to write something about it. I don't think you'd call this a review, but at least there's something to read about the concert.

    First of all, when they got on stage... They all seemed pretty normal in height, but when Takanori walked up there, they turned tall. Because Takanori's... Pretty short. But not as short as Miya of MUCC, I know that for sure. Oh, and their uniforms look really great. Nice fitting. And Takanori has a belt. It's the single cover-lion. He has it on his ring too.
    They started with STRENGTH, and right then, we all understood that band knows how to get the audience moving. Takanori's english is also very good, so I don't think anyone didn't understand what he said. Except for when he tried swedish.
    “Hariku?” Yeah, that's what it sounded like. He was supposed to say “har ni kul?” which translated to english becomes “are you having fun?”. At this concert, there was no one screaming because he said something, and when we didn't get what he said, he understood it.
    “Oh, it's so difficult!” he laughed, and we laughed with him. He finally made us understand though, and the next thing he said was “nu lockar vi!”. It's supposed to mean “now, let's rock!” but with that pronounciation, it could be “now, let's lock”. It sounds weirder in swedish than it does in english.
    After STRENGTH they played Fre@k $HoW, and after that, HOWLING. I think the whole audience knew that song by heart, for it wasn't many that didn't sing.
    No, I don't remember more of the exact setlist. I know what songs they played, but not the exact order. If I in some way remember it, or figure it out, I'll put up the setlist below. Now to the unnecessary details that I don't remember along with some song.

    - They played from Dusk till Dawn, as the first encore song.
    - Takanori has more arm muscles than Hiroshi.
    - Toshiyuki really moves a lot. I guess most people watch Takanori, or the guitarists, but they should look a little more at Toshiyuki. He seemed to have fun.
    - Takanori grabbed a bottle of water and poured it over himself. Hot. And I felt sorry for his school uniform.
    - Their support bassist was hot, and his name was Ikuo.
    -They support drummer at first looked like Tatsurou of MUCC, but it was because of his long hair. He doesn't look like Tatsurou at all.
    - Before the encore, of course they changed to band t-shirts. After the encore, Takanori pulled his off. Yes, people screamed. And he threw it to the crowd. Yes, people ripped it.
    - People had papers where they had written “WE LOVE YOU”. Takanori grabbed them, rubbed them against himself (yes, he did) and gave them back. Happy crowd.
    - Fanservice is a phenomena people like. It happened. Takanori and Sunao, faces three centimetres from each other, more or less. And Takanori throwing his head back in some kind hot movement.
    - The audience never stopped shouting, applauding and making random noises when they were supposed to get off stage. Really, I've never seen anything like that.

    So yes, this was a great concert, really worth the money. I bought a t-shirt and their European album Teaching Materials. Damn great album. If you get the chance, go see these guys. Even if you're no big fan of the music, you'll have fun for sure. It passed much time since I saw such an absorbed audience at a concert. And if you go see them even if you're not a fan, you might become one. Go.

    Setlist (which I'm not completely sure about, but 90%. All songs they played are there, it's just the order of them I'm unsure of)
    1. ReBirth + ReVerse (Or some other intro song. It should be this one, it's their only, kinda)
    2. STRENGTH.
    3. Fre@k $HoW
    4. HOWLING
    5. Valkyrie
    6. Freedom
    8. JAP
    9. Kimi no Uta
    10. Nephilim

    1. Dusk till Dawn
    2. Athena