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Kürzlich angehörte Titel

Eyedea & AbilitiesThis Story Gestern um 00:40
Still CornersI Wrote in Blood Gestern um 00:39
The NationalMr. November Gestern um 00:32
The NationalAbel Gestern um 00:28
Still CornersAll I Know Gestern um 21:39
The NationalMistaken for Strangers Gestern um 21:37
FinkLooking Too Closely Gestern um 21:33
King KruleRock Bottom Gestern um 21:24
King KruleOctopus Gestern um 21:20
DossThe Way I Feel Gestern um 21:16
Nosaj ThingCold Stares feat. Chance The Rapper Gestern um 21:04
The NationalMistaken for Strangers 4. Mär., 23:14
FinkLooking Too Closely 4. Mär., 23:12
The NationalAbel 4. Mär., 2:37
The NationalMr. November 4. Mär., 2:32
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  • jonp22

    beep boop

    23. Jul. 2012 Antworten
  • mzapa

    Thanks for listening to my music. Zapa x

    29. Dez. 2009 Antworten
  • littlestnerd

    http://live.kcsb.org:80/KCSB_128 I'm listening from Palos Verdes right now. :3 some groovy jams are playing.

    30. Nov. 2009 Antworten
  • rebeccarose359


    30. Nov. 2009 Antworten
  • rebeccarose359

    yeee, we need a music exchange/steal ASAP because i want your stufffffffs and plastic birds are attacking me and my barbies so we better hurry this up....

    28. Nov. 2009 Antworten
  • rebeccarose359

    i still HATE YOU FOR NOT TAKING ME TO SEE CRYSTAL FUCKING CASTLES LIVE AT MONSTER MASSIVEEEEEEEEEE. but i forgive youuuuu because i love you and your faceless face :) and because i had a goooooood halloween night despite that! although it's def going down at edc next year, i'm excited. you should be too. we'll raveeee.

    2. Nov. 2009 Antworten
  • rebeccarose359

    BEST NAME EVER. i shall begin learning piano asap :) i always wanted to play!!! do we wanna keep this as a duo band or should we outside recruit others to join us?? ehehe

    25. Okt. 2009 Antworten
  • rebeccarose359

    heyyy.....wanna start a band? ahahaha you do play basssssssss........and we have a name picked out!!

    25. Okt. 2009 Antworten
  • rebeccarose359

    eeeeeeyahahahahha why yes, i have been known to shuffle my musicsss....but i also like to listen to albums straight through as well. sometimes my brain can't handle the spontaneity of random shuffling because i get distracted looking at barbie's getting attacked by rabid plastic birds. ahahahaha. i hope you understand what that means.

    25. Okt. 2009 Antworten
  • rebeccarose359

    your ladder fell? ohh well....you can hang there ALLLLLLLL night long (i know you like it)...but i do feel bad for mcjimmy, so maybe i'll go save him next time and leave you there because strangely enough you LIKE IT like that.

    4. Aug. 2009 Antworten
  • jonp22

    hey look its you! i have more plays than you do!

    3. Aug. 2009 Antworten
  • rebeccarose359

    FACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your faceless face can now stalk me on aim, facebook and last.fm....i LIKE THIS!

    31. Jul. 2009 Antworten
  • HerFirstTea

    knee basher Y tickle er thanks. man.

    16. Mär. 2009 Antworten

    Welcome aboard, JumpingCamel! Happy listening.

    7. Mär. 2009 Antworten