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Jonatan Cerrada est ne a Liege le 12 septembre 1985. Des l'âge de 8 ans, il est choriste et soliste a l'Opera Royal de Wallonie.
A 11 ans, il participe a sa premiere emission en Belgique.
Il enchaine ensuite seul ou avec des formations des concerts sur la scene locale, parallelement a ses etudes a l'Academie Gretry, ou il apprend le piano, la danse et le chant.
En 2003, il participe a l'emission A la recherche de la nouvelle star et gagne le concours. Il sort a l' ete 2003 son premier single, Je voulais te dire que je t'attends, titre de Michel Jonasz de 1975. Suit l'album Siempre 23 ainsi qu'une longue tournee a travers la France, la Suisse et la Belgique pour s'achever dans la celebre salle de L'Olympia ou il donnera deux concerts a guichet ferme.
En 2004, le prestigieux Concours de l’Eurovision lui ouvre les portes ainsi qu'une renommee europeenne.
Le deuxieme album du "chanteur a la cravate en ceinture" debarque dans les bacs en juin 2005 et s’intitule sobrement La Preuve du contraire. C’est un Jonatan plus mature, grandi qui nous revient avec 15 titres, dont il signe la quasi-totalite. Devant le phénomene, des grands noms de la scene française comme Quentin Bachelet, Jean-Francois Berger, Cyril Paulus, Lea Ivanne, Jeremy Chatelain et Monsieur Henri Salvador en personne co-signeront des titres sur mesure.
Actuellement en studio, en pleine preparation de son troisieme album entierement realise en Espagnol, Jonatan partage ses heures entre Madrid et Paris et Liège.

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Paris cedex 09

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At the age of ten years, Jonatan Cerrada includes the Royal Opera of Walloon area of Belgium, where he learns the bases of classical music. From the age of eleven years, he begins multiplying galas and auditions, first in the region of Liege, then in France. He is so chosen, on February 23rd, 2003, to participate in the first edition of M6's television-hook, In search of the New Star, . His first single is a resumption of Michel Jonasz, I wanted to say you that I wait for you, that he had interpreted during the programme.
His first album, Siempre 23, goes out next September, and is sold to 150 000 copies. In 2004, it is the first one left the tour of Eros Ramazzotti, then its own tour in the European French-speaking countries (Belgium, France and Switzerland), among which two dates in the Olympia.
He becomes then the French cousin of Lola in four episodes of Spanish series One, back, tres then agrees to represent France to the Competition Eurovision of the song 2004 in Istanbul, where he ends every step 15th with his song À, written by himself and on a choreography of Kamel Ouali.
In February, 2005, Jonatan Cerrada is back on the front of the stage, abandoning its youthful look, with title My Paradise, original band of the film Robots. His second album, The proof of the opposite, goes out in the same breath, in June, 2005. Among the authors, they note Jonatan himself on three titles, Jérémy Chatelain and Henry Salvador. and second Free single as air goes out only in Belgium. The career of the album takes however a new twist at the end of 2006 when title black Ribbon appears in the summits of the classifications of lawful downloadings in France, without any real promotion. The title, partly in Spanish, recalls the assassination attempts of March 11th, 2004 in Madrid.
In 2007, it interprets Arthur Rimbaud in a musical written by Richard Charest and Arnaud Kerane, beside Lucie Bernardoni notably. He records currently his third album, Tercero, in Spanish.En 2007In 2008, Laurent Ruquier prepares, as producer, a musical based on the songs of Charles Aznavour for October, 2008, title will be I have seen myself already and Jonatan Cerrada, in sides notably of Diana Tell, will be part of the show which was played to the Theatre of Gymnasium in Paris from October 2nd, 2008 till January 4th, 2009 and which continued to the Theatre Comedium, from February 12th, 2009 till April 12th. A tour starts with "I have already seen myself" and a first date to the Royal Circus of Brussels will cross in Belgium December 18th, 2009 and then to the Forum of Liege on December 19th, 2009.
·2003 : Siempre 23
·2005: The Proof of the opposite2005 : La Preuve du contraire

·New preparing album: Tercero
·July, 2003: I wanted to say you that I wait you
·September, 2003: Nothing will change me
·March, 2004: In every step (Eurovision 2004)·April, 2005: My Paradise (EDIBLE FROG of the film Robots,(DVD)

·September, 2005: Free as air (taken out in Belgium only)
·January, 2007: Black Ribbon
2009 DVD Je m'voyais déjà;