Uriah Heep


17. Jan. 2007, 5:31

Uriah Heep are a severely underrated band. Everyone talks about Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath etc but these guys cranked out some serious fucking tunes in their heyday. Gypsy is a massive burst of power riffage. The Wizard is like proto-metal folk. Stealin' is a great hard rock sing song.

A lot of the dudes who dig Wolfmother should get some Uriah Heep into 'em. I recommend 'Demons & Wizards' which features the killer song Rainbow Demon. It's as heavy as anything the Sabs ever did. There are plenty of Best Of records out there as well....


  • honcuk

    heep rules ...

    17. Jan. 2007, 16:21
  • annoxero

    Yea, they seem to be quite underrated. I've only heard them quite recently too and they were great. The same is with Thin Lizzy I feel. But the fact is Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Sabbath have more good songs, hence the popularity (quite deservedly) I guess.

    17. Jan. 2007, 17:12
  • Vidfare

    I agree that Uriah Heep, along with lots of other bands, are quite underrated. I actually don't understand how come they are so unknown even within the rock scene, some of their songs are true classics.

    18. Jan. 2007, 7:04
  • NightTime_Drive

    I agree, I love Uriah Heep. The Wizard is great and my favorite is Easy Livin'

    22. Jan. 2007, 6:25
  • deuce86

    I agree! I`ve been listetning to them a lot lately :) Yeah, Rainbow Demon is one of my favourites.

    26. Jan. 2007, 8:38
  • Jim_Lithium

    I see this is an old entry but I just saw Heep tonight and no matter what people say, they still deliver a Hell of a show. Awesome and perfect in every way. Mick Box is a freakin' guitar god.

    20. Jul. 2007, 23:06
  • Floydika

    Really underrated band and still my favorite...or at least one of my favorites (look at my profile lol). They really deserve to be up there with Purple, Zeppelin and Sabbath.

    10. Aug. 2007, 10:55
  • TambourineTime

    I agree, too. But I only like the classic Uriah Heep (with David Byron & Ken Hensley). Songs like Rainbow Demon or Easy Livin' are brilliant and no other singer was as good as David.

    14. Sep. 2007, 17:18
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