Valentine's Day Special on Brierly Hill 90210


13. Feb. 2006, 2:51

No not really. I only just realized that it's Valentines Day this week. A quick scan through this weeks playlist reveals... My Girlfriends An Arsonist by Fortune Drive is about as romantic as we get. But it's a stonking good show anyway. There's new tracks by So L'il, Headhunter & Whiteboy, Richie Phoe, Test Icicles and a whole lot more. This weeks Classic Peel Cut comes from Bauhaus so you know that has to be good especially as it's wittily played next to Bela Lugosi's Dead by Nouvelle Vague. If this level of musical humor is up your alley, why not check out Brierly Hill 90210 at You know it makes sense.



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