• Connecticut: The Show

    24. Okt. 2012, 1:31

    Sun 21 Oct – Into It. Over It. Full Band Tour

    This show was mind blowingly stacked. Slingshot Dakota are just amazing and their music is so pure and complex. more complex than bands with a full set of instruments too! they were a perfect opener for the show. even though no one else got as siked as me for any of the songs but hopefully the next time i see them, they will be more famous \m/

    then came out a CT "bread and butter" band in my opinion, The World Is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die. they always satisfy but tonight Tom was not there to sing and play keys so they brought out a few friends and it made for the best world is show ive ever seen (and that was my 8th world is show). They had a cello player, derricks wife on vocals and keys for a little, and the Chris Z reciting poetry and singing. Chris's poems always make the show so much more, and so wonderful. So even though they did not play too many songs and the crowd didnt get as siked as i until Victim, their performance slayed.

    Next came out Hostage Calm. even though they are getting shockingly popular and made a tour shirt (????) they never disappoint. The crowd went ham and it ROCKED. the highlight for me was certainly "The 'M' word" which was played acoustically first then came into the rad jam it really was. such a high energy band, whats not to love?

    Next came Into it. over it. I dont know why they didnt headline but im glad because i ended up leaving during their last song, but good stuff. Evan is such a good musician and the full band really proved how solid all of his songs are. they just rock hard. i personally didnt know as many songs as i should of and therefore didnt get as pumped but it was still a rad show.

    So even though i miss Make DO and Mend (which were really out of place anyway) CONNECTICUT: THE SHOW OVER EVERYTHING.

    a note: what the hell does Owen have against CT? i would have enjoyed a little owen in my life like whats up with that shit. HE PLAYED EVERY other date. whatever, it would have gotten pretty sad.