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The MaccabeesMarks To Prove It 14. Apr., 13:29
Life is Better BlondeMine 14. Apr., 13:24
Django DjangoReflections 14. Apr., 13:20
AlpineFoolish 14. Apr., 13:17
Tear CouncilAnywhere 14. Apr., 13:13
TinkRatchet Commandments 14. Apr., 13:10
Royce Wood JuniorMidnight 14. Apr., 13:07
Hockey DadCan't Have Them 14. Apr., 13:04
Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better 14. Apr., 12:56
MS MRPainted 14. Apr., 12:51
Tame Impala'Cause I'm A Man 14. Apr., 12:47
Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem 12. Apr., 13:48
Arctic MonkeysI Want It All 12. Apr., 13:45
Arctic MonkeysArabella 12. Apr., 13:42
Arctic MonkeysOne for the Road 12. Apr., 13:38
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  • ProximityFuze

    G'day mate. Long time no speak. Just wanted to see how you were faring, any new stuff you've stumbled across worth sharing?

    1. Aug. 2014 Antworten
  • ProximityFuze

    Been busy at work but overall been alright. I'd be a bit disappointed if you left but, considering the state of LFM (General & Games in particular), I can understand it. Still, just requires the odd post here and there but if you ain't interested I get that and have more respect for people who choose to leave rather than disappear meaning I have to eventually kick them out.

    4. Jul. 2013 Antworten
  • ProximityFuze

    Hiya, haven't seen ya round as much so thought I'd hassle your Shoutbox. How ya been?

    4. Jul. 2013 Antworten
  • ProximityFuze

    The 'Suggestion Box' thread in TA(D)OotLFMPRT would like you to read the last couple of posts and comment. ;-)

    26. Apr. 2013 Antworten
  • ProximityFuze

    I have been waiting its release. The NME gave it 6/10 but I suspect I'll like it.

    16. Apr. 2013 Antworten
  • ProximityFuze

    I had been waiting for it. The NME only gave it 6/10 but I have a feeling I'll like it.

    16. Apr. 2013 Antworten
  • Buried___Alive


    16. Mär. 2013 Antworten
  • ProximityFuze

    The elders of The Ancient (Dis)Order of the Last FM Platinum Round Table haven't seen your smiling face recently. We'd love to see you soon.

    14. Mär. 2013 Antworten
  • aaadka

    thanks, but I already know this song and I love it <3 it's hard to believe that it was recorded recently ,and this videoclip also look like from those years.

    12. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • Rhyme79

    Hi Joel! Little Green Cars are fab, I've never heard of them before but the track you posted in the hot or not thread in the (dis)order is my favourite new find for ages! Thanks for that. Have you seen the video of 'red' on their page? It's so nice to find a band that can actually sing in 4 or 5 part harmony. They do it really well. Hoorah!

    2. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • ProximityFuze

    The Mondays weren't great when I saw them (escept Bez) so I shudder to think what they'd be like now. I'd save my money if I was you...only hardcore fans should go to see them these days.

    24. Jan. 2013 Antworten
  • ProximityFuze

    In the end I decided not to bother. I saw 'em in their prime, figured I'd keep the memory intact...especially after seeing the Mondays AFTER their prime....Shaun Ryder isn't all that healthy, reading off autocue and sitting down the whole show....and that was 5 or 6 years ago.

    17. Jan. 2013 Antworten
  • ProximityFuze

    Regular John = nice (on the couple of listens I've had). Thanks for that one.

    10. Jan. 2013 Antworten
  • ProximityFuze

    YES! YES! YES! Look into the Horrors, especially their last 2 albums.

    7. Jan. 2013 Antworten
  • ProximityFuze

    They have a Horrors feel.

    21. Dez. 2012 Antworten
  • ProximityFuze

    Whatcha thinking about Toy?

    21. Dez. 2012 Antworten
  • StratPlayedBlue

    Hey, I see you're going to Extreme + Richie Kotzen at Newcastle Panthers. Me too. See you there!

    11. Dez. 2012 Antworten
  • delevigne

    thanks and so do you :) yeah i know i love them <3

    8. Nov. 2012 Antworten
  • secretquestions

    If you truly are unfamiliar with someone's music, then at least listen to their library radio before giving them a low rating on their music taste.. in my case 4/10, Hmm I'd say too low for my taste :)

    17. Okt. 2012 Antworten
  • enofield - you gotta get it. Brilliant!

    30. Jun. 2012 Antworten
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