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TrickySuffocated Love gestern Abend
TrickyHell Is Round the Corner gestern Abend
TrickyPassion of the Christ gestern Abend
TrickyHey Love gestern Abend
TrickyI'm Ready gestern Abend
TrickyDoes It gestern Abend
TrickyChinese Interlude gestern Abend
TrickyWe Don't Die gestern Abend
TrickyTribal Drums gestern Abend
TrickyIs That Your Life gestern Abend
TrickyIf Only I Knew gestern Abend
TrickyNothing's Changed gestern Abend
TrickyParenthesis gestern Abend
TrickyBonnie & Clyde gestern Abend
TrickyValentine gestern Abend
TrickyNothing Matters gestern Abend
TrickySomebody's Sins gestern Abend
Miguel...Goingtohell gestern Abend
MiguelSimplethings gestern Abend
MiguelLeaves gestern Abend
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  • music_scholar

    Hello Joe, I saw you passing by at the lastfm tools group last month. What do you think about your wavegraph? It shows your top100 artists over >7 years. I can see at least 6 phases in your listening history where your artists shifted... Most lastfm users I talk to have in average 4 phases, it seems you have more diverse taste. Do you think so too? ... I added also a zoomed-in version (since 2014 April), so you can see more details of the recent trends... Don't forget to look at the existing graphs of the other >1200 lastfm users. Any feedback (in group Musicology) is appreciated.

    25. Jun., 16:45 Antworten

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