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Über mich

Joe Chapman

Musician, vocalist, songwriter and producer from Oxford, England.

Bass guitarist & vocalist with The Neon Violets.

I've previously played bass guitar with Spiral 25 (5 sometimes 6 piece psych band formed with ex members of Dirty Sci-Fi and Indika), Dirty Sci-Fi and Flite 118 (a band put together by Nick Hayden, ex singer/songwriter and guitar with The Darkside.

Music is pretty much fundamental to me. I live in Cowley, Oxford and have a basic studio set up in my upstairs front room. A nice small room with white walls and white wooden floorboards, filled with drums, amplifiers and various musical instruments. Apart from when playing in bands or in musical projects, most of my solo music has been completely spontaneous, some of it not repeatable!

My first instrument was drums, which I first played when I was about 6 or 7. I had one of those Bontempi organs with the fan in them. We used to tape our own 'radio programmes' as children. I tried to learn guitar when I was about 7 or 8 but didn't get on with being told to do something in a certain way so gave up but took it up again more recently using the DADGAD tuning.

I picked up bass guitar when I was a teenager, maybe 1988/89. Someone left a short scale bass lying around a friend's house. I bought it for £5 and learnt to play it.

When I was 17 a friend introduced to a bloke called Nick who had a band and was looking for a bass player. Nick has left his last band in the middle of a tour and shortly before going on stage at a gig in Oxford. The band was from Rugby and called The Darkside. Nick stayed in Oxford and formed another band called Flite 118 and the original bass player left, I joined for a short time.

The Neon Violets

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