• CD wantlist

    20. Jan. 2012, 17:18

    some cds I wanna buy (in times of net crisis one must empty their pocket out of good will to support the media)

    9goatsblack out
    Nana Kitade
    You love her coz she's dead
  • Denki Candy- Romaji WIP (work in progress)

    5. Okt. 2011, 12:20


    - I can't read some of the kanji those parts are marked with **
    and some of the kanji are translated by ear-

    Hallo Hallo

    Atarashi asa no HIKARI me no mae wa sou *dai
    SPICE wo sagashi moto mete michi naru sekai e to

    Aruki da sou michi wo **iteku
    Me wo fusenai de massugu susume mo
    Hello Hello! (repeat 2x)
    Bokura wa yuku no sa haruka tooku e to
    Sukoshi no yuuki to yasashisa wo motte

    GAME ja nai'n dakara RESET botan nan de nai sa
    dakedo mirai wa itsudatte **erareru

    **kai ** demo te wo dete
    **jiteitai mou **wanai
    Hello Hello (repeat 2x)
    bokura wa yuku no sa yumemita ano basho e to
    itsushika tadoritsuku sono hi made

    Hello Hello
    mirai wa egaku yo yumemita ano basho e to
    tadoritsuku sono hi made

    tatoe wa hanaretemo BOKURA wa tsunagatteru'n da
    itsudemo kokoro wa hitori ja nai

    Chocolate Paradise

    Amai mono daisuki atashi wa masa ni chokoreeto chuudoku
    Tsukareta haato wo attameta kureru amai amai chokoreeto
    Atashi wo egao ni saseru mahou no kusuri chokoreeto
    Amai kataomoi mitaku mainichi aitai sweet & sweet

    Amai mono daisuki atashi wa masa ni chokoreeto CRAZY
    Atashi wo tsukande hanasanai amai amai chokoreeto
    Atashi muchuu ni saseru mahou okashi chokoreeto
    Amaku koibito no you ni atashi wo tsutsumu sweet & sweet
    Everyday Everywhere in paradise chokoreeto paradise
    Ichiban daisuki na choko wa makadamia chokoreeto

    Amai mono daisuki mama ga yoku yaite kureta chokokeeki
    Ima de wa natsukashi daisuki na daisuki na mama aji
    Atashi ni shiawase kureru mahou no kusuri chokoreeto
    Yasashiku mama you ni atashi wo tsutsumu sweet & sweet
    Everyday Everywhere in paradise chokoreeto paradise
    Yappari ichiban daisuki na choko wa bitaa yori mo miruku

    Atashi no kimochi chokoreeto ni tokashite
    Anata ni todoke you shiawase to issho ni

    Thanks to the goofy Feminism for helping me with the second lyrics. ;p
  • Super Hero meme

    27. Jun. 2010, 9:35

    If you were a super hero your introduction would be:
    (first line of the song)
    M (Cannibal Rabbit)-can't find the lyrics
    Your team name: Kagayake Dreaming Girls (sounds so shoujo-esque)
    Your sidekick: Panic*ch
    Your attack: some song by aiko kayo (the title was fucked up)
    Power up attack: Bad Boy A (anti feminism)
    Transformation: machine gun drops (budo grape)
    Enemy: Aural Vampire
    Boss of enemy: Doddodo
  • meme (artists only)

    27. Jun. 2010, 9:23

    same as with other memes
    put mp3 player on shuffle and check the results

    rule: artists can only appear once
    (if twice choose a different one)

    1.Fripside thinks of you as his/her best friend
    (which is odd because before it said Nao from fripside was my enemy)
    2.Billy wants to bake a cake
    3.Balloons wants to go shop
    5.urbangarde wants to dress up together in lolita (yay n.n i like vocalists style)
    6. budo grape borrowed your cd
    8. babamania thinks you're fat (cruel very cruel <<)
    9. 9 Goats black out ever liked you (;_; they're such a cool band though)
    10. kokeshi dolls stole your money:
    11. pinky doodle poodle wants to kill you (yuria I thought you were nice)
    12. cherry lyder wants to sing you a love song (originally it was babamania the same who thought i was fat U_U)
    13. elm wants to cosplay as you (lol some creepy visual-kei dressed up as moi?)
    14. IOSYS broke your leg (damn you!!)
    15. hello stereo has the same underwear as you (yeah right <<)
    16.pudding alamode thinks you're gay
    17. poppins hates your clothes
    (originally 9 goats black out jeez what does this band have against me)
    18. windir wears your bra (old long haired metal guys O.O shock)
    19. cibo matto cooks you a meal (le pain perdu know your chicken conbo with sci-fi wasabi and a glass of sugar water followed by white pepper ice cream)
    20. saori@destiny wants to write a yaoi fanfic about you and her. (O.e)
    21. Funta is your favorite mangaka
    22. ayumi hamasaki tickles you (with her long fake deco nails ouch)
    23. 13th moon thinks you're dumb
    24. 2NE1 used your toilet and left the seat up (what did they do there? e.e)
    25. judy and mary wake up next to you
    26. Kana stalks you (first she kills me and now this O.O)
    27. the black skirts used your toothbrush.
    28. blam honey wants to commit suicide with you
    29. mass of fregmenting dregs poisoned you
    30. waffles farted at you
    31. Alice Nine stuck their smelly feet infront of your nose
    32. Tokyo Mew Mew bit you
    (see that's why my biggest wish was strawberry power to beat them xD)
    33. RedCarpet gave you a cold
    34. Kotringo gossipd about you
    35. superfly flipped you the finger
    36. MOSAIC.WAV tells you to grow up (ever saw what they looked like UoU)
    38. Lazygunbrisky tells you their secret
    39. Plastic Tree wants to go out on a date with you (yes!!! yes!!)
  • Self created meme (sorta)

    27. Jun. 2010, 5:56

    A mish-mash from different memes and some I came up with myself

    1 if they forgot your birthday what would you do?
    2 meaning of life (from another meme)
    3 your favorite food
    4 what would be a good movie title
    5 the name of your first born child
    6 if you were rich what would you buy
    7 how would you spend your last day
    8 what is your biggest wish
    9 if you would get married it would be to (guitartist/artist)
    10 your health coach (drummer/artist)
    11 if you get arrested by the cops,what would you say to stay
    out of prison (first line of song)
    12 your gravestone reads (first line of song)
    13 you go to the doctor and he said take this medicine
    14 song played during your funeral (another meme)
    15 your first love discribed
    16 what's the first thing you say in the morning
    17 cause of death/murderer
    18 in which street do you live:
    19 your child will look like (bassist/artist):
    20 what does your name mean
    21 who is your alter-ego
    22 who is your father/mother

    1: midori:-Aaiya (so I would run like a random idiot)
    2: tangled (the black skirts) (nice a depressing love song)
    3: wake up angel (funta) (could be the name of a cake)
    4: sink (9goats black out) (a thriller nice)
    5: ganpeki no ue... (hm dunno which artist)
    6: hips (bleach 03) (I'm gonna buy a new hip xD)
    7: penki nuritete (budo grape)
    8: strawberry power (mew ichigo) (i wanna be a mew mew hero)
    9: Marino (aw she's so cute)
    10: drummer from 13th moon (hm don't wanna know what he'll feed me)
    11: first line of Help me please (ffk) (yikes that's pretty funny)
    12: first line of Fire (2NE1) (okay <<)
    13: alice nine's ? (since this was a slow song it'll work nice as a medicine)
    14: TV (Cannibal Rabbit)
    15: iris-reincarnation (ave:new)
    16: Freeze (budo grape) (lol like a cop entering a crime scene xD)
    17: mirukki kana (i'm gonna get murdered by a cute girl with milk)
    18: excess bagage (balloons)
    19: Shinichi Taketa (bassist from the band waffles)
    20: hey fuck you (beastie boys (nice it fits my personality xD-
    and if you don't like it then hey fuck you)
    21: vocalist from limited express (has gone?)
    22: Sylvia (Sonicberry Favour)
  • Your true self meme

    27. Jun. 2010, 5:47

    I created a fun one!!

    Rules: artists/bands can only appear once
    (in case the artists appears a second time,pick a new song)

    What's your name: Mari (vocalist Babamania)
    How old are you: 31 (age of Yaida Hitomi)
    Month of birth: March (vocalists By2 (they're twins)
    Hobbies: same as (first it said babamania but when I picked another it was Scar.)
    I have like no idea what their hobbies are xD
    Family: members of Gostwind (korean metal band)
    Husband/Wife: Satoe Oiwake (drummer of Kokeshi Doll)
    Children: Faye,Fang and Kaew (how cute!!)
    Name of street you'll live in: I Love U (bwahaha corny)
    Pet: Ryutaro Arimura (wow I named my pet like that in Petville what a coincidence)
    Childhood friend: Ritsuo:guitarist/singer from fictional band Ajisai Town
    Enemy: Nao (Fripside)
    Mother:MYM (GaGaalinG)
    Father: Ryoko Shintani and Yui Horie
    Second husband: vocalist from visual-kei band Billy
    Child with second husband: Saori@Destiny (xDDD)
  • searching for these

    12. Okt. 2009, 23:11

    updated soon
  • First songs of bands and the memories attached to them

    12. Okt. 2009, 17:50

    Dollis Marry

    Where I found them
    on a site which as a far as i remember had a layout of shou once
    i loved that rotation site (could've been another site : x) i think that's where i got olivia's songs and aya's songs
    first song
    mr romantic


    where i found them
    some rotation site where i had a discussion once about the fact the owner thought aois voice didn't sound too great. i think it's name was pink cherry rotation

    first song
    baby [ryu]

    where i found them
    on the site which had the name glitter tramp (maybe that was the domain name)or something i was looking for gackt wallpapers when i stumbled accross this site
    i owe this site a big one since it introduced me to v-kei

    first song
    tsumi to batsu

    ayumi hamasaki
    where i found her music
    on a german site where i was searching for anime stuff
    i happend to see stuff about artists so i checked it

    first songs
    powder snow
    a lot of songs from the rainbow album
    like hanabi,dolls
    greatfull days

    where i found them
    i forgot but i vaguely remember a certain type of rotation site

    first songs
    downer beautiful song
    gothic party speed session

    where i found them
    on a site named lunchbox or something i dunno
    it had a neat layout thou i found some of their pics and fell in love with their style
    i found the music on a horrible looking site

    first songs
    wakare uta

    where i found them
    rotation site where i got songs from onmyouza,plastic tree etc i think T_T

    first song
    ms mermaid

    alice nine
    where i found them
    beats me T_T
    two words tho rotation site
    they just started as a band back then

    first song
    no clue T_T

    pannic channel
    where i found them
    same site as kaggra, and diru
    on a wallpaper thou and meguru was on the layout of that site.
    i once mistaken them for ancafe xD until i found the real pic of an cafe on fanlisting site xDDD
    same as ancafe didn't find any music until i stumbled across a site where i found the oh so rare song no matter fucker of meguru's former band garasu

    first song
    love lorne a rouge

    an cafe
    where i found them
    after finding the real image of what they looked like
    i searched my ass off but no result until i found them on fairly okay looking site

    first song
    candy holic

    RES (sorry ya know which band)
    where i found the
    random intrest listen on a great rotation (music found their also panic channel,girugamesh,nightmare) i had a discussion on wether or not gaze's photobook thing cd title was german or dutch. the owner bitched at me for not knowing the that the vocalist in betty used to be in never crazy,i told there that the reason why i liked magical duck adventure was cuz of the tiramisu thing. i commented on a song of dirus that the lyrics reminded me of something funny about aliens i guess.

    first song
    full moon

    where i found her
    rotation site with awful yellow font
    omg i couldn't read the font on that site it was like a code yet i found out how to dl a song.

    first song


    i heard about these guys a 1000 times the reason i got convinced to listen to them was cuz of someone pointing out one of an cafe's songs sounding like gazette's i vaguelly remember the site i got some neat stuff there and requested a song there i suppose under the name of lolita lollypop

    first song;
    O_O good q
    that song the person talked about i imagine xDDD
  • Funny moments in songs XD Ever had those?

    30. Sep. 2009, 16:12

    Dir En Grey 鬼眼-kigan-
    kyo sounds like he's singing ruitje wassen
    (window washing) at certain parts of the song

    Dir en grey The Domestic Fucker Family
    when the song begins kyo's voice sounds computerized and it sounds like he's singing voetje voetje linker voetje (foot foot left foot) xD

    the vocalist sings something that sounds like he's saying hey meisje hey meisje (hey girl hey girl) xDDD after that it sounds like doe die jas uit je moet je wassen (take your coat off ya gotta wash yaself) i'm not making this up I actually heard it and no I wasn't stoned. hmm is anyone slightly disturbed by this-I am <<

    Head Phones President (forgot which song)
    I listened to it and didn't notice it until after awhile but if ya listen closely it's quite funny when she sings. First I thought anza was singing fight with feeling but after a few moments when she sings the same thing it sounds like "fight with furby"

    The Gazette Ray
    Thanks to my friend on msn I found out Ruki sings something like pinch his ass
    Now that I've listened to it that part does sound like it xDD
    It also sounds like in jesus or pinch his eye or even pintjes ijs (pintjes as in beer and ijs as in ice)

    BLAM HONEY-Changing spout in my head
    I could swear it sounded like James Blunt in my hair when Tatsuya was singing this xD I've listened to the song so much and I've only heard it like that until recently
    enough said it was funny xD

    Sport socks anyone? Or did he claim spock sucks?
    Or did he wanted to fuck a sock? xD

    Sounds like she sings the title like machine gun gandalf xD
    O.O Yes that wizard guy
  • Last.fm random stuff

    30. Sep. 2009, 15:27

    Last.FM Milestones1st track: (02 Apr 2008)
    ℃-ute - 都会っ子 純情
    1000th track: (28 May 2008)
    Aira Mitsuki - チャイナ・ディスコティカ
    2000th track: (05 Aug 2008)
    Angelspit - Shaved Monkey
    3000th track: (11 Sep 2008)
    こけしDoll - 0-0
    4000th track: (09 Nov 2008)
    the Pumpkin Head - 神は死んだ
    5000th track: (18 Feb 2009)
    SuG - b.r.k
    6000th track: (06 May 2009)
    Berry Roll - turns around
    7000th track: (28 Sep 2009)
    Cibo Matto - Birthday Cake
    8000th track: (23 Oct 2009)
    Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her - School Lunch
    9000th track: (21 Jan 2010)
    Kiiiiiii - Sweeeeeeetie
    Generated on 21 Jan 2010
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