31. Dez. 2007, 19:36

    well. its almost that time again. you know. champagne. balls dropping. (oh wait that was when they were thirteen...)

    its new year's eve day today. and i just wanted to rub in your face the fact that i'm going to the will hoge concert tonight. and none of my other friends have plans (:

    my plan for this month,is to visit el-ridge. im eighteen, and i finally got my permit. >.> so i wanna drive up to lutheridge.
    this friday is the rocky horror picture show. its at the terrace now that south windemere is closed ):
    also machine head apparently is coming to town, at least i think i heard ron say that...
    and to watch all the bond movies i own, since i have them all except 4 (or 5).
    and to finish my damn thesis!
    cosplayers better eat it up
    Will Hoge
    Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit
    Machine Head
    Will Hoge at the Farm!
  • Friday February Second

    8. Jan. 2007, 23:16

    Here is what I want do do.
    go to school.
    early release - pep rally. snazz people out with our dance! :)
    go out to eat at carrey hilliards with friends, go to the coming home game, cheer my loudest ever. go home real fast, and change.
    then either:
    a) hit the free souls harbor concert if b cant happen
    b) drive halfway to anderson, pick caroline up
    after either a or b, go to the rocky horror picture show
    enjoy the hell out of it (as always)
    go home around three, sleep till eleven.
    go shopping
    go to the coming home dance.
    go home.

    :) sounds good to me. :)
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    10. Dez. 2006, 22:30

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show is true love at its finest.

    Tim Curry is god.
    thank you.
    im done.