iPod Shuffle Quiz xD


16. Jan. 2011, 15:55

How Am I Feeling Today?
Bang Bang Bang

Will I get far in life?
I Got You

How Do My Friends See Me?
Heaven on Earth (LMAOOO xD)

Where Will I Get Married?
Come One, Come All

What Is My Best Friends Theme Song?
The Beach

What Is The Story Of My Life?
Every Time You Go

What Is Highschool Like?
Get Outta My Way

How Can I Get Ahead In Life?
Party at a Rich Dude's House

What Is The Best Thing About Me?
Lucky Star

How Is Today Going To Be?
Playing The Blame Game

What Is In Store For This Weekend?

What Song Describes My Parents?

To Describe My Grandparents?
Promise This (Mayday's Drum and Step Mix)

How Is My Life Going?
Video Phone (Extended Remix)

What Song Will They Play At My Funeral?
Under the Sheets

How Does The World See Me?
Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last for a Night)

Will I Have A Happy Life?
Written In The Stars


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