Jennifer Maeve Klandt, 34, Weiblich, Deutschland
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Über mich

Benno je’NI is a creative partnership with Benno as concept creator, director and executor of photography and design and co-editor and je’NI as concept creator, co-director of photography and design, image subject and editor.

Benno investigates the gamut of archetypal human emotionality through psychological instigations that provoke je’NI into specific responses, which Benno then captures. This mysterious process between them reveals the need to question everything humanity has ever known because Benno’s expectations continue to be defied by what je’NI’s responses provide.

je’NI catapults herself out of the confined matrix, yet within her is contained every quality found within it. Her entire being emerges from her face. Thus, the images become the amplification of certain ways to perceive feelings, thoughts and belief systems within the human paradigm and Benno addresses these with a near lens into je’NI’s rich internal states.

je’NI involves the viewer on multiple levels with direct and partial engagement as well as with inner conversations with the subject as herself.

Jennifer and Benno create project specific musical compositions, soundscapes and voiceover productions in descriptive, narrative and singing forms that enhance each video's impact and bring a personalized commercial quality to each video to further brand the product and/or service provided.

Jennifer chooses all the footage and directs the content to where and how it needs to be seen and heard. She writes and edits the concepts and scripts and is 601Video's voice over artist and singer as well as post production photo editor.

Benno and Jennifer work in the fields of music video, fashion, art, dance and artistic documentary film production and contemporary art, music and fashion photography. They create the concept, implement the logistics and provide the same level of service and quality as they do for their corporate clients.

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