Infected Mushroom (Stereosonic)- November 29


29. Nov. 2008, 13:50

At 8pm after waiting all day at Stereosonic watching other acts, which often didn't disappoint, it was finally time to see Infected Mushroom which Jayzamann and I had been eagerly anticipating.

We got to the stage around 20 minutes early to scout out if we needed to make a move to get to the front for when Infected Mushroom came on after seeing Reelax pull a fairly big crowd at the same stage earlier in the day. Luckily for us Mowgli had a very small crowd and we went straight to the front and waited for Infected Mushroom to come on. At first it didnt seem promising crowdwise, but with minutes to go before they came on, a big crowd flocked to the Hardware stage where they were playing and people were packed in like sardines a long way back, but of course being there early we were in the front row.

They started off with a short intro and then got straight into things with my favourite track Cities of the Future straight off which was amazing. The whole set albeit only for an hour, was incredible with a lot of classics like Deeply Disturbed, Muse Breako RMX, Becoming Insane and finishing off with I Wish.

Every track was cleverly dragged out and got the crowd involved with some thumping bass and fantastic vocals. Of course playing live they added their additional musicians which added to the experience well, with the guitarist and drummer both performing well, but still the Infected Mushroom duo were the highlights with some fantastic keyboard and vocal work.

Unfortunately since the set was only allowed to be an hour many songs they didn't play, but the songs they chose were a good bunch and I don't think many people would complain that they missed tracks except for one drunkard near us who screamed at them to play Special Place before struggling to not pass out.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience which was on its own worth the $90 admission price in my opinion and they will definitely be worth seeing again, but hopefully next time for a full set.


  • Jayzamann

    Mad guitars, don't forget those hehe.

    29. Nov. 2008, 14:06
  • Jayzamann

    Can I post this at OTW? God knows you'll never register there.

    3. Dez. 2008, 8:38
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