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9. Jan. 2010, 11:48

This entry was originally posted on 4th of Jan 2010, but got deleted by for unknown reason so here we go again...

Please note that the availability of free tracks for artists listed was accurate at the time the blog entry was posted, but that this may since have changed. Artists marked with an asterisk are new additions since my last update.

My other blog posts about free music available on can be found HERE.


A Band Featuring Instruments [mashups]

A Boy Named Thor [electronic]*

A Football Fields [electronica]*

adamsmith [ambient/electronic]

Aeterna [electronic/techno]

Alexander Wigger [electronic]

Alt Track [electronic]*

Amplive [triphop]

As the world fades [electronic/nintendocore]*

Audiac [electronic/krautrock]

audiobytes for autobots [electronic/mashups]

Baskyl [electronic]

Beta Bow [electronic]

Bitbasic [idm/electronic]*

Buben [electronic]*

Buccc [electronic/instrumental rapcore]*

Burro Music [triphop]*

C Behind 12 [electronica]

Cholostase [electronic/experimental]

Christian Morcone [remix/dance]*

cloudy, with occasional rain [electronic/experimental]*

Cosmonaut Grechko [electronic/dance]*

Coeur Machant [trip-hop]*

Dasubot [electronic]

DarkMateria [electronic]*

David Elsener [electronic/post-rock]

Dead Times [experimental/electronic]

Decabastard [electronic/experimental]*

Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts [electronica]

Deporitaz [electronic]

DJ AJA Inc. [trip-hop]*

DJ Core [mashups/remix]*

DJ Nate Spotts [electronic/experimental]*

dMb Music [ambient/electronic]

Dzhem [idm]

Easter Egg [mashups]

Ekaros [dubstep/electronic]

El Vatican [ambient/electronic]

Escape From Wherever [electronic]

Etylen [electronic]*

Existential Hero [folk/electronic]

Facial Vision [electronic/experimental]

Frank Pahl [electronic]*

Fuji Kureta [electronica]*

Ganz De Ville [mashups]

Garuda [electronica]*

Gasmask 71 [drum and bass/darkstep]

Grandpa Mojo [trip-hop]

The Grassy Knoll [trip-hop]

Hakki Takki [electronic]

halo effect [synthpop/electronic]

HealeyIsland [electronica/experimental rock]

Iso Brown [electronic]

Käärkäsi [trip-hop]*

Liquid Ham [electronic]

Locust Toybox [electronic]

Mamanet [triphop]

Marilyn Roxie [ambient/electronic]

m:cro10 [electronic]

mind_noise [electronic]

MMMF [electronic]

Molgam [electronic]

Mujuice [idm/electronic]

Mystification [drum and bass]

NINES (PL) [electronic/experimental]

NOBLE SAVAGE [electronic/psytrance]

The Organdicks [electronic/experimental]*

Panda steps in chocolate [electronica]

Pilot of the Future [electronic]

Pixieguts [electronica]

Plush Concept [electronica]

Pogo [electronic/trip-hop]

Rampue [electronic]*

RazorBeamz [electronic]

Rowboat Magicians [electronic]*

Silencide [electronica]

Soma Sonic [trip-hop]

Stratis [electronic]*

Suzie Zuzek [electronic/experimental]

Timur Izhbulatov [electronic/instrumental]

Tinyfolk [folk/electronic]

Topless in the Turning Lane [electronic]

Transient [electronic/triphop]

unread pages [electronica]*

Warforge [electronic]

Xaviaro [electronic/nu-jazz]

zalabim [electronic/psytrance]

0 Musicians [electronic/lounge]

СБПЧ Оркестр [experimental/idm]



  • HealeyIsland

    Hi - thanks for putting this list together and for including HealeyIsland.

    9. Jan. 2010, 15:06
  • baskyl

    Thank you once again for your great effort putting up this list (again). ...and for including Baskyl! :D

    9. Jan. 2010, 15:19
  • silencide

    thank you for sharing

    10. Jan. 2010, 10:24
  • Pixieguts

    cheers jeff!

    10. Jan. 2010, 18:01
  • 3aTkHuCb

    thx 4 puttin' Buccc

    10. Jan. 2010, 18:44
  • Plastik-Emaus

    nice post! I have know "Ganz De Ville".... thanks, very interesting! Check it out > > ... this is not a free downolad, but it's an INCREDIBLE DOORS TRIP!

    11. Jan. 2010, 11:56
  • StevenRayMorris

    thanks so much Jeff!

    12. Jan. 2010, 22:47
  • coeurmachant

    Definitely big thanks, man. Great list!

    13. Jan. 2010, 7:21
  • agroangus

    Thanks for putting me on :) I'm very slow at noticing things!

    28. Mär. 2010, 23:36
  • unreadpages

    Thanks a lot for including unread pages!

    11. Apr. 2010, 1:37
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