Things that scrobble incorrectly


4. Aug. 2011, 14:12

Intended to be a recurring thing. Not much hope that anyone at will ever look at it, but it makes me feel better to have things in one place.

I. Albums that scrobble to multiple albums (note: these are also tracked in this thread: Incorrect album connections)

Cold Roses by Ryan Adams & the Cardinals scrobbles to Cold Roses and also to Cold Roses. As per musicbrainz (Cold Roses), the former is correct.

Punch the Clock by Elvis Costello & The Attractions scrobbles to Punch The Clock and also to Punch The Clock. The former is correct.

Across the Borderline by Willie Nelson scrobbles both to Across The Borderline and to Across The Borderline. The former is correct.

II. Artists that scrobble incorreclty

Derailers should be The Derailers. Jeez.


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