Chimaira @ Norwich Waterfront 19/3/2012


20. Mär. 2012, 0:53

Mon 19 Mar – Chimaira, Revoker

It's surprising that a band like Chimaira didn't draw a bigger crowd, especially with a young up and coming support act like Revoker. While a lot of people seemed to show up for the headliners, the support acts didn't have a huge crowd to play too. Still, it felt like all three bands left a great impression on the crowd, and that's what matters. I for one, will be singing the praises of all three acts for some time to come!

Neosis opened, and I was blown away. I guess they qualify as "Djent", but whatever you want to label them, they have an awesome, brutal, rhytmic sound that made my night! Enough to make me go to see them in Colchester tomorrow. Very cool, and it's a blessing to catch a band like this touring this country.

I'd seen Revoker supporting Rob Zombie last year, and was very impressed. These guys have a good sound, which could well lead to them becoming huge, but are also great fun live. It was a bit odd having a more traditional metal band between two really heavy bands, but their brand of rock and roll got everyone headbanging.

I've not seen Chimaira in years, and seeing them tonight... I regret that fact very much! These guys were so fucing good. The set list was excellent, opening with a couple of their more well known / popular songs, and keeping up the brutality throughout the show. Great connection with the crowd, and never boring. They're a band that should be drawing huge crowds.

Overall, this is yet another great gig in 2012, and I honestly feel this has been my fav so far. Lesser bands wouldn't have put their heart and soul into a gig with a smaller crowd, but all three bands did and made it a meorable night.

Voice lost. Ears ringing. Epic night!

If you can, check out this tour if you get the chance. It was a great night!


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