David Usher - Black Black Heart


8. Sep. 2007, 16:36

It was odd how I came across this song. I remember that I'd been flicking through the foreign language channels on television, when a song caught my ear. It was a Chinese music video for 分開旅行 by Rene Liu featuring some guy named Stanley Huang (Since then I really liked his album Shades of my Mind). I managed to remember enough information to help me track it down through the 'net. While I couldn't find that song, I did, however, find that it was a version of an original by Daivd Usher. After investigating a little bit I soon ordered the CD Morning Orbit. I've always intended to get more of his CD's, but never have. Still, I love Black Black Heart and the rest of the album.

It's the album version of David Ushers Black Black Heart that I love, so instead of his song, here is the Rene Liu version...


  • hellonancy

    Same here, but i didnt like David Usher's version much! Do you want Rene's version? I think its a brilliant song.

    9. Jan. 2008, 14:54
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