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Katy PerryWide Awake gestern Abend
Katy PerryPart of Me gestern Abend
Katy PerryFirework gestern Abend
Katy PerryWide Awake gestern Abend
SkydoesminecraftNew World gestern Abend
Maroon 5One More Night gestern Abend
Justin BieberNever Say Never gestern Abend
American AuthorsBest Day of My Life gestern Abend
American AuthorsBest Day of My Life gestern Abend
American AuthorsBest Day of My Life gestern Abend
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Skype - jatupp | MSN - jatupp@gmail.com

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Music I like

From looking at my charts you'll get a basic idea about what I like. Psychill, ambient, goa, classic rock and neofolk are my favorite genres, but I also enjoy classic trance, heavy metal, black metal, folk metal, folk, poezja spiewana, psytrance, chillout, dubstep, horror punk, detroit techno, suomisaundi, classical, reggae, dub, psydub, new age, underground hip-hop and most recently IDM and darkwave. Last.fm introduced me to the majority of artists and genres I listen to now. To get a good idea of what I like my 12 month charts are a good representation, the overall chart is a big mix of artists I love now, and those that I used to like, but often dislike or don't care for now. Generally I like my music either psychedelic or dark (or both), but anything goes if it's good. I despise any music made purely for money and fame. Most of the time you can hear if the music was made with passion and if it wasn’t it just won’t be good. I cannot stand 99% of stuff I hear on your average radio station so I stay away from radio in general. The genre I dislike the most is reggaeton with “honorable” mentions to rnb, commercial hip-hop, nu-metal, mallcore etc.

Some Stats

Unique tracks: 9014
Eclectic Score: 85/100
Super-Eclectic Score: 587/1000
AEP: 3.85
Neighbor Average Age: 28
Country Match: Azerbaijan
Songs per Day: 74
Short and Long Tail


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