Jerry Gaskill: Email interview, March 2008 – part 1


12. Mär. 2008, 20:11

Credit to Maladroit_2 for conducting this interview - I'm just spreading the word! You can find part 2 of the interview at:


1. The new King's X album "XV" releases May 20th. When can we expect the 1st single to release and what song will it be?

A: A little too early for me to know that one. But I can say, it will be King's X and it will be from the new record and it will be great and will become greater the more you listen to it...

2. What are your personal favorite moments from the new album?

A: Hard questions, because for me I try to make all moments my favorite. Not saying that they all are, but somewhere in myself I try. When it gets right down to it, my favorite moments are when we see the music coming together and have a type of vision that this whole thing might work. That's exciting to me. Making a record is a lot of hard work, at least for me. Also, my lovely girlfriend Julie came to Nashville for a visit and we had a wonderful time. A very nice dinner together just the two of us and also a great evening out with Michael Wagener and his beautiful lady. I had to fly home to do a show in New Jersey with some of the great friends and musicians I've met since moving there and Julie and I flew home together. That's a great moment...

3. If you had to compare the new album to past work of the band, what would it be and why?

A: I'm not one to really compare things with other things. I've come to realize for myself that each day and each moment, for that matter is new and capable of all possibilities. I was in different places for Ogre Tones than I was for XV. And I'm in different places now than I was recording XV. I've always told my kids that everything changes and that the only thing that doesn't change is that things change. So, what was the question?

4. What has been the pros/cons working with a producer again?

A: For me working with a producer only has pros. I want somebody outside of the inner workings of writing the songs to be involved and having an input. Something that I might not be able to see. That makes sense to me when making a record. I want us to be a band and I want a producer to be the producer. And also by saying that, the producer must have a vision of the music that brings out the best of what we feel the music is to begin with...because it's all about me and oh dUg and Ty too...

5. Which has been more enjoyable? The making of "Ogre Tones" or "XV" and why?

A: Refer to question #3...

6. Where did the title "XV" come from? Can you explain the story behind the title?

A: For many years now we have struggled and sought and pondered and wondered what would be the best title for the new King's X record. dUg, Ty, me, Gunter and his wife Betsy and Julie and her sister Susie were all hanging out at my house in Jersey, (where a lot of great things happen), after having breakfast together, looking at the photos we had just done the previous day with the legendary Mark Weiss, (also from New Jersey) and somebody said, "How many albums is this now?" And somebody else said, "I think it's fifteen." And somebody else said, "We should call it Fifteen and have it etched in the wall of the cover in Roman numerals!" And we all said, "OK." And now it's the new King's X record XV...

7. How much do you guys plan to tour for the new album? Where will you play? How much new material will you cover?

A: I think we plan on touring as much as it takes until the whole world sees what you guys have seen for years now. We'll play all over the world wherever it makes sense to play. We will also do as much new material as makes sense. We will only do things that make sense. And the question of the day is...what does make sense?

8. What are your 3 most favorite cities to play in?

A: I couldn't narrow it down to just three cities. Wherever people are coming to see us is my favorite city and I mean that.

10. What is you favorite King's X album, and least favorite?

A: I love them all and I hate them all...More love than hate though...

11. How has your move to New Jersey affected your role with King's X?

A: I don't know that it has changed my role in King's X at all. I feel the move has changed my role in myself and in general greatly. Moving here has been beautifully bittersweet. I have experienced incredible things that I never would have, had I stayed in Houston. Yet at the same time I had to leave all that I love in Houston to have what I have now. I feel moving to New Jersey is one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. Fortunately or unfortunately, all great things come with a price...

12. How does it feel to sing lead vocals on a KX album again? You sing lead on the track "Sorry, Julie". Who's idea was it for you to sing lead? Care to explain the meaning behind the song?

A: dUg is one of the greatest singers that has ever been. For me to sing lead on the same record makes me feel that I must have some worth. Plus, I wrote the song and it's about something that only I could have sung. Unless of course somebody who automatically sells millions of records wanted to record it, then they could sing it as well. As for the'll have to hear it and come up with your own conclusions.

13. What is a "Pianto"?

A: Many years ago before King's X, before Houston, before moving back to New Jersey I was going to church. My ex wife was the piano player. The pastor's wife, whom I love but haven't seen in many many years was praying one day in church. People pray out loud on behalf of everyone in church sometimes. I don't go to church anymore. She spoke stoically and with passion and at one point said, "And Lord please bless Grace at the pianto." I shared that with the guys. And because I wrote that song on the piano and played the piano part on the record, I believe it was Ty who thought it would be quite hilarious to call it Jerry's Pianto. I agreed...

14. Do you feel like you get enough of a creative outlet through King's X?

A: King's X is the band I always dreamed of. I will always be thankful to have met dUg and Ty. I feel we've made great music that only the three of us can make. That in itself is a dream come true. I've also discovered a great joy in playing with other musicians. There is an encouragement and a certain sense of camaraderie in that situation that doesn't necessarily happen within King's X. There's so much that can be learned musically and personally by stepping outside of your comfort zone. I've had the opportunity to make music with some truly great musicians recently. That's something that I wouldn't trade for anything. I also have music in me that is not always gonna be on a King's X record. So solo records are another source of necessary creativity. I love King's X and I love the whole world of music possibilities outside of King's X. But when it gets right down to it, I owe it all first and foremost to my experience with King's X.

15. Could you explain the meaning/inspiration behind the songs "Six Broken Soldiers" and "American Cheese"?

A: Yes I could...

16. How is your hearing after all these years of being a musician? Do you keep after it?

A: WHAT???

Interview by James Brown (Maladroit_2) via email, March 2008. With thanks to all the King's X fans who suggested questions on various message boards.


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  • _Tarkus_

    Well, that explains the title. Sounds like they didn't put a whole lot of thought into it. ;)

    14. Mär. 2008, 6:39
  • 6:00

    Thanks for posting. Jerry's evasiveness can be a bit annoying, but this gives some cool insight into his personality and his process.

    29. Mär. 2008, 18:46
  • DarthStench

    Haha this intro was so frustrating but so interesting to read, thanks for posting it. Did you set up the interview beforehand or just email him the questions?

    24. Apr. 2008, 4:07
  • DarthStench

    Ignore that last part, I just noticed it was another guy who did the interview. And I have no idea why I typed intro instead of interview haha.

    24. Apr. 2008, 4:09
  • JaseJ

    It was done via e-mail as far as I can tell, but I'll double check - or you could contact Maladroit_2 directly to ask. A lot of the questions were suggested by fans on the various Internet message boards, which is why there is such an eclectic selection. Part 2 is now out there - I'll post it here as soon as I've had the chance to tag it up.

    24. Apr. 2008, 9:57
  • _Tarkus_

    I know I could just ask Maladroit_2, but I wonder if it was done one question at a time (or some other piecemeal approach), or if he just submitted a bunch of questions at once? I think the email approach is pretty cool, and allows for a thoughtful (though possibly politically correct) response by the recipient. However, I've never had the pleasure to do one myself, so I'm kind of curious how it works.

    30. Apr. 2008, 14:49
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