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PJ HarveyThe Dancer 5. Apr., 17:33
Sonic YouthWithin You Without You 5. Apr., 17:27
[unknown]Is This And Yes 5. Apr., 17:22
We Are TreesGirlfriend 5. Apr., 17:19
Beach HouseYou Came To Me 4. Apr., 17:38
Code Orange KidsV (My Body Is A Well) 4. Apr., 17:35
PJ HarveyIt's You 4. Apr., 17:31
Led ZeppelinWhat Is And Never Should Be 4. Apr., 17:25
The Naked and FamousCrazy? Yes! Dumb? No! 4. Apr., 17:23
PJ HarveyThis Mess We're In 4. Apr., 17:19
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Über mich

My name is Angelica, how do you do? I am 20, small and short.(Wow what a combo!) I love music, couldn't lived without it. The type of music I listen to is classic rock, or as you people call it "oldies", sometimes I do listen to a bit of Indie, but not really. I am into big time yoga, art, and my piggies.

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