• My top albums of the year.

    18. Dez. 2008, 21:08

    So far it's a work in progress.

    Positions may change, I may add a few more, and I plan to do write ups for the top 5.

    1. Cynic – Traced in Air
    2. Enslaved- Verterbrae
    3. Kayo Dot- Blue Lambency Downwards
    4. Deadmau5- Random Album Title
    5. Intronaut- Prehistoricisms
    6. Coldplay- Viva La Vida
    7. Amon Amarth- Twilight of the Thunder God
    8. Meshuggah- Obzen
    9. After the Burial- Rareform
    10. Basshunter- Now You’re Gone: The Album
    11. Opeth- Watershed
    12. The Faceless- Planetary Duality
    13. Innerpartystem- Innerpartysystem
    14. Shearwater- Rook
    15. Textures- Silhouettes
  • Waffles Invite?

    6. Apr. 2008, 21:19

    So who has one for me?

    I have a lot to share.
  • downlaoding the musik = teh crime

    9. Okt. 2007, 3:59

    i heard its like commating a murdar or robbs the bank
  • Give me some oxycontin and play me some Kadaa.

    16. Jun. 2007, 7:40

    Those were good times.

    I wish I could break another bone so I could get more oxycontin.

    Then I could listen to his new album while on oxycontin.

    And play online poker while listening to the album on oxycontin.

    Good times.

    Next time you see me break one of my bones so I can get anew prescription.



  • Experimental my ass.

    16. Nov. 2006, 6:16

    Recently I've had a craving for some indie/experimental music in the vein of bands like: Kayo Dot(call them metal, but I think they are equally indie) Glissandro 70, The Flaming Lips (etc.) Although they sound nothing alike, they all retain a certain level of uniqueness.

    Basically I was on a long and hard search for anything that was somewhat original sounding.

    Having a brief history in post-rock I made my way to this fun filled genre of slow and ultra depressing instrumental music. Finding a good band in this genre is like finding money on the ground, it rarely happens but when it does it’s pretty sweet.

    One thing I have started to notice about the post-rock genre is that it is saturated with terrible bands. There are some amazing bands out there, just like any genre, but for the most part they sound like people who just picked up a guitar and learned how to play a few minor progressions with inverted power chords overr ambient keys and symbol laden drums. I now firmly believe it’s a nice excuse for people who can't write a well structured song to make a bit of noise and call it an album(look for my album due out next week, I’m buying my first guitar tomorrow, downloading cool edit pro 2 in two days and im a gunna record the thing in 5, maybe 4 days)

    There is a difference between being experimental and being absolute shit, and most post-rock bands fall into the latter.

    So I cancelled my search for immaculate and mind blowing bands in this genre and made my way to some indie forums (gasp) and I also frequently checked the daily top 10 indie albums at oink.
    Before I would download anything from oink, due to their ratio rules, I would check out to see if the band had any music posted. About 93.444% of the bands had a myspace account, and about 5% of the bands I spelt wrong due to retarded band names. I eventually spelt their names correctly so it worked out pretty well. I would get my hopes up by reading their artist description at the top while waiting for the faulty myspace player to load up. Most of the time the genres read something like this: Indie/Experimental/Pop, Indie/Experimental/ Electronic, Folk/Experimental/Indie.
    To my surprise I found nothing experimental about these bands, maybe originally some of the earlier bands were doing stuff that could have been considered experimental but over time every band was doing the same thing. What I am saying is this, if every band is doing something similar that is called “experimental” how is this experimental anymore?

    Some examples and immediate thoughts of bands upon listening:

    Explosions in the Sky- Shut the fuck up
    Xiu Xiu- Your kinda cool, but kinda really fucking gay
    Sufjan Stevens- Your 5 good songs doesn’t really balance out the 700 bad songs on your album dude
    Aberdeen City- nice single, whats the rest of this shite?
    Yndi Halda- Shut the fuck up
    Midlake- Kinda like Neil Young if Neil Young was gay
    squirrels attached to cars- nice inverted power chords you fucks
    Moses, our great treefrog of ben fica- you portugese idiots
    Appleseed Cast- Eve shouldn’t have ate the apple and god wouldnt have let this happen
    Magneta Skycode- Shut the fuck up
    Yo La Tenga- Shut the fuck up
    Jeramiahs romance of sri lanken butt fucking idiots- Shut the fuck up

    I know some of you will point out that a few of those bands don’t label themselves experimental and even some may not be real (can you find the fake ones without googling?), but it’s still pretty weak dribble.

    Indie is not the only genre guilty of this either...

    In progressive rock bands label themselves progressive while they are nothing more than clones of bands who were actually progressive in their music some 30 years ago.

    See what I am saying?

    Once certain band’s push the limits of a genre others are soon to follow. The result is that the sounds that were experimental at one time become the norm. All I can say is to keep pushing.

    What once was labeled post-rock, because it pushed the boundaries of normal rock, is now nothing more than a derogatory term used for bands that couldn’t write a good song let alone a good album.

    Basically this is just me bitching for someone to recommend me some good bands.

    Would you be kind enough to do so?

    1. Aug. 2006, 4:52