• Faust

    28. Sep. 2006, 10:30

    Psalter, well, this tune sounds just like Wireless, the last track from sing to god disc one by the Cardiacs...and I suspect that is no coincidence either.
  • Greedy Baby by Plaid and Bob Jaroc

    13. Sep. 2006, 13:13

    Plaid and Bob Jaroc

    I got hold of Greedy Baby and must confess I was quite impressed with what they have done here.
    ( although having just smoked a fatty my housemate turned to me when it had finished for an opinion and I babbled for five minutes to have him respond with 'You just talked a pile of shit' )

    The cohesion of sound and visuals is really sweet, being of the opinion that Plaid often lack a little something in some of their tunes this package gives an added burst from two sources. The most obvious is the visual, which really helps to fill in the gaps when the music is less than amazing.

    But more than anything this is really worth picking up if you have a 5.1 surround system and enjoy listening to tunes in 5.1 the mix is fantastic, all Plaid albums should be re issued mixed into 5.1

    Can’t say I loved all of the video features but at 50 mins long it is just about the right length not to get tedious, including one epilepsy inducing number.
    The bonus dvd tracks are nothing special visually but the sound is once again magnificent, showcasing some older tunes remixed to baffling effect at times.

    Plaid plus 5.1 plus stoner visuals = shitfaced grin
  • Venetian fucking bumfuck snares

    11. Sep. 2006, 12:41

    I have decided I despise this cunt.
    I really loathe that his stuff is associated with so much GREAT intelligent music and electronica.
    So many people have hit me with "HEY! YOU! have you heard this guy yet? Oh man you are so going to love his stuff, you love aphex twin and autechre and all that..."

    And I so don't. I keep trying. Mindless blips and whistles and empty vapid wastes do not make for good listening. The aural equivilant of modern (post modern) abstract art. Just get the fuck away from me.

    *goes on a banning spree
  • The Shroom Test

    20. Aug. 2006, 23:56

    It has been a while too and due to the somewhat bizzare changes mean a more involved process this time to yeild consumables.

    As always, with a space as long as a year between tripping there is a new wealth of music to check out while floating around the giddy void. This years breaking in of the fungal feast got bathed in the latest usual type suspects.

    Funckarma were on the spot as were Bola
    Top mention of the evening has to go to Fizzarum I think they would be my number one choice on any future playlist for tripping along to, total bliss. The track microphorus is gorgeous to the ear.

    Later, as sensory collapse beckoned came more usual suspects. Aix Em Klemm and The Dead Texan get special mention as uber grand comedown music. Probably wont be the last time tripping to these guys but certainly my first, drowning in eargasmic nonsense.
  • whoa

    24. Jul. 2006, 22:47

    great mazzystar track that.[track]So Tonight That I might see[/track]
  • The Cranes - September

    18. Jul. 2006, 23:46

    Oh, lord.

    I have not heard this song in years
    I had an old tape a friend made me of her Cranes stuff, no track listing or even a label just an old muffled tape with their stuff on it.

    This was near the beginning of the one side and it always caught in the back of my throat. The tape warbled up and warped and chewed and finally died. I remember trying to convert the start of it to a MD so I could preserve this song but the quality just was not good enough.

    What ever emotional wrench I was in at the time is lost to me now, all I feel is the swell of almost desolate bliss at hearing this song again, the simple emotional charge and structure unravelling me. The history and circumstance may still come back to me, not sure I want to remember that pain right now.

    These sounds are enough, sitting here with tears in my eyes is enough.

    How gay is THAT? :D
    fuck, I love music.
  • Bola

    11. Jul. 2006, 18:39

    Right now I am drowning in so much new, brilliant, fucktastic new music I don't know where to start
    (thanks bryanboy!, you ZpoonZy freak)

    Bola. UNG! oh FUCK!
    I just don't know where to begin. what lush and awesome, symphonic, squealing, squelchy goodness.