I live a lunar month in the future


18. Jan. 2012, 15:40

I remain uncoupled with the standard flow of time I am now living a lunar month in the future. if you look at my cartoon to day you will see

click I am not lying
Beth Aven
but what I am seeing is

Again if anyone needs lotto numbers I can get them to you they are no use to me.
Jake of the The anchorites
Akzeptierte Übermittlungen
mnml, 1%, People with no social lives that listen to more music than is healthy who are…, Extensive Musical Taste, Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to, AFTER THE POST ROCK, New Weird America, Post/Progressive/Experimental, Noise and Drone, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The group for people who might be clinically insane but have never been tested and…, People who don't think japanese music is weird and have got an extraordinary…, We Hate Comic Sans, Post Rock and Experimental music from Russia and ex USSR, Revolutionary InterScrobblers, Group Owners, NPR, concrete everything, Free Palestine!, Science Fiction Music, Mothers Against Noise, Electroacoustic Improv, A Museum Of Tonic Obscurities, Obscure Music Seekers, Cinematographe, beyondwithin project, Outsider art, Brazilian Post-Punk, organization of sound, cooperative tagging, Under 9.99% Mainstream, Apskaft, People who listen to highly obscure music simply to mock the hoi polloi for being…, WRONG!, Fuck Aznar, Mondiovision, Incredibly Strange Music, Digital Meltd0wn, No Rave, Chappaqua, Frame Without Another Painting, BlipsAndBleeps, imbuteria, Permanent Fatal Error, The 1 Percenters, Professor Longhair, polli selvaggi all'attacco, Avant-music, 5000+ artists, Born in 1900, We Listen to Outsiders, Non-Subscribers and their tag radio stations, The Green Box, No wave, thrash and no star, studio typewriter, sysel's empire, Apskaft II, Post-post-post Ambient Ironic Anti-folk and Avant-garde Industrial Jazz-rock, Tom Recchion, Siko Records, Butt Buddies United, TASTE!, Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared


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