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Dierks BentleySoon As You Can 31. Okt. 2008
Alannah MylesBlack Velvet 30. Okt. 2008
BerlinWill I Ever Understand You 30. Okt. 2008
Don HenleyThe Heart Of The Matter 30. Okt. 2008
HeartAlone 30. Okt. 2008
Fleetwood MacLandslide 30. Okt. 2008
The BanglesGoing Down To Liverpool 30. Okt. 2008
Pat BenatarLove Is a Battlefield 30. Okt. 2008
Olivia Newton-JohnHopelessly Devoted To You 30. Okt. 2008
Diego SandrinBlanket Lieblingslied 30. Okt. 2008
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Über mich

In reality,I am self discovery I have recently begun delving into all the experiences, stories and events that have collectively shaped the construct of my life. While appreciating 'some folks' for its contribution, I am, one by one, kicking a few out the door to make space for new things.To NOT do this would limit my capacity to grow, understand, and be. I am brazenly opinionated, yet open minded. Fair. Hater of hypocrisy. Lover of nature. Rewarder of kindness. I give/share if I have it. I try not to judge. I admire individuality. I look for the good in people and try to ignore the rest, unless it gets in the way. I remember the good times and tend to forget the bad. I am glad I am that way. This is a friendly place where all are welcome to check in, but remember... it's a WINDOW, not a door.
My honesty is 'disarming' ,I don't lie,I don't even try to soften the blow.I say what I think.Some people can handle it.Tough for those who can't.So,if you like those averages ~ carry on.
I am deeply spiritual (not religious) with a sick and twisted sense of humour. My greatest challenge has been to overcome the hundred forms of fear that lurks in my mind.
My Life is about Balance.And,I have achieved mine,moreso of late with the acquistion of continuing my hard tedious healing, my solid as a rock relationship(s), my healthcare for my Crohns & my Liver Complications,and with my kids.I have NO regrets about my definition of balance,and no intentions to change it.
And when I'm giving the green light,you bet your ass I can bring added elements into the 'game'! I can go from frolicking to ferocious and back again in mere minutes.Never be predictable.Thats my motto.
Well ,Onward I go!! There's progress. Some.Not enough.Some.And my left pinky finger is numb. Shake,Shake,Squish,Better.