• ARGH!

    25. Mär. 2009, 19:24

    Bloody women! I'll tell ya they wreck your head on purpose. Like fecking clock work, you're in the no-mans-land at the beginning of an 'encounter' where everything goes well and your in control. Then, when the mind-carnival is closed for the day, so is attention park. Which leaves you deflated and with nothing to do but walk around the big city of self reflection and insecurity, scuffing your feet looking up at the looming, insurmountable buildings. What the hell! The only piece of solace one can take from this insipid day is that everyone goes through it from time to time: Casanova, Strauss, Escape The Fate (I lol'd). Then again one always thinks of the ever present, resonating clichés; bitter-sweet, heaven-hell and all those other idioms that are putatively conjured up on a day like this.
    Bloody women.
  • Music to sweat and bump to

    13. Feb. 2009, 15:26

    Oh man last nights episode of skins was so sweet, got the heart racing and overwhelmed the urges for spontaneity. The tip of the iceberg was hearing the timeless track Love Lockdown. Man this is the sexiest track I've heard since 'It's a mans world'.
    With this frame of mind I hit the town looking for my own Effy (damaged goods), alas no Effy but I did get chatting to a girl who was pretty foxy. Lost her to a guy dancing to Billy Jean who had the moves, not too (good spot Royah) bothered about losing when you're beaten by the best.

    The search continues...