T.I., TVOTR, and Catch 22 rock the slope


5. Mai. 2007, 6:51

Fri 4 May – Slope Day 2007
Ithaca, NY
T.I., TV on the Radio, and Catch 22 came to Cornell's annual Slope Day celebration located on Libe Slope behind Uris Library. I missed Catch 22, but I was on the slope for TVOTR and T.I. The little I heard from Catch 22 was "How many of you guys are drunk?" followed by a large roar of approval from the crowd. This was my first time seeing TVOTR, and they put up a great performance. I did not know any of their material, but that one show made me a fan. The only problem I had was that the lead singer did not understand what Slope Day is. I was right up close to the stage, and my ears are still ringing.

T.I. came out about 15 minutes early, causing a stampede of excited Cornellians from Slope Fest by the library down to the slope and concert area. He started off with Top Back, and started Rubber Band Man as his second track before someone threw some water on the stage. This caused a 15 minute delay in which T.I. was yelling at the whole crowd. This again happened during the middle of the show, at which point T.I. was so frustrated that he told the person who threw the water to "get up on stage" and not to "be a *expletive deleted* coward." This occurred in the middle of the set during Why You Wanna. He ended his set with Bring Em Out and What You Know?: those two songs got the biggest response from the crowd. This set confirmed to me that T.I. is, in fact, the King of the South.

In the end, Slope Day was once again a huge success. The slope was absolutely packed with people who would have otherwise been spread out at fraternities and sororities across campus. We can only hope that Slope Day 2008 is just as good.


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