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Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg9.11 25. Nov. 2008
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SentinelThe Title 21. Nov. 2008
SentinelThe Title 21. Nov. 2008
SentinelThe Title 21. Nov. 2008
SentinelThe Title 21. Nov. 2008
SentinelThe Title 20. Nov. 2008
KatalystDedicated Feat. Diverse 19. Nov. 2008
The Fabulous Conti FamilyYou've Got Me Goin Baby ( Kon's Edit ) 19. Nov. 2008
Tha 4orceNeva Shoulda with Marrisa Anglin 19. Nov. 2008
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Über mich

Inspired by Jack Kerouac's famous novel "On the Road" - portraying American youth who had lost their purpose of life in this wealthy material world, and the system of society. They attempt to reach a new dimension of life throughout their journey, exploring its joy and sadness, love and jealous, using every possible ways - music, dance, poetry, ideology, philosophy and more - to capture its spiritual and physical rhythms…

Applying today's 21st Century filter to “JAZZ ON THE ROAD”, we reproduce the style and the spirit of the“Beat Generation”, dancing wildly to Be Bop and Mambo, and combine with London's Club Jazz Movement that has remained vibrant since the 80s.

物質的に豊かである反面、生きる目的を失い精神的に苦悩するアメリカの若者たちの姿を描いたジャック・ケルアックの傑作「路上(On the Road)」。現代の物質文明を嫌悪、拒否して、順応主義や管理体制に歪められた人間性を解放し、生きるに価する社会を見出そうとし親友と旅に出た主人公。彼らは人生の喜びや哀しみに愛と憎しみ、それを音楽、ダンス、詩、思想や哲学など、可能な限りの手段を使ってその精神的、肉体的リズムから新しい次元の世界に到達しようと試みました。

ビート・ジェネレーションと呼ばれたこの若者達が当時最盛期だったHard BopやMamboで激しく踊るというスタイルと思想、そしてロンドンで80年代から続くクラブジャズムーブメントを、このJAZZ ON THE ROADで再現します。

Live: Drugstore Cowboy

Drugstore Cowboy is the Organ Quartet formed by trumpetter Quentin Collins and tenor sax player Brandon Allen. With organ player Ross Stanley(Nostalgia77) and drummer Enzo Zirilli, they play Hard Bop, Modal, Spiritual, Soulful, Funky, Latin that "Dance to Jazz".

Dance: Maki &Kola

Maki & Kola are the dance duo from "Jazzcotech" that is not only well known in London but also world famous Jazz Dance company. They attract audience with elegant but hard, dynamic and sharp performance.

Resident DJ: Koichi Sakai, Kay Suzuki

Based in London, Koichi Sakai and Kay Suzuki are "b i p o l a r" DJ crew, spinning worldwide from Japan to Europe. Jazz, Soul, Funk, Latin, Disco, House and Broken Beats that they shake the floor with genreless selection and mix.


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