Jacob Jacob, 18, Männlich, Ungarn

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Über mich

I'm Jacob Ryan Jacob. I'm lame.
I'll just put random facts here as I think of them...
-People mock me for the way I say "pajamas"
-I start out strong with almost everything I do, then I just can't get past mediocre.
-You will never know what 'Rripsz' is, means, is about, or anything. Ever.
-I'm really pissed right now, So I'd rather not put anything.
-I've played drums for almost 4 years, and Ive played guitar for almost 2 years.
-I can lucid dream at will.
-About that whole nobody knowing what Rripsz means... I lied.
-I'm going to college to be an accountant.
-Toblerone is the best candy.