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22. Mai. 2011, 19:29

Name your top 10 artists and answer the same questions for each artist.
(they´re not in popularity order)

Moi dix Mois
First song: Angelica
Fall in love: Monophobia
Current fave: Sanctum Regnum

Malice Mizer
First song: Beast of Blood
Fall in love: Regret
Current fave: Houkai Jokyoku

First song: Serenade
Fall in love: Aristocrath´s Symphony
Current fave: God Palace- Method of Inheritance

First song: Vanilla
Fall in love: Farewell
Current fave: Love Letter

Buck- Tick
First song: Dress
Fall in love: Kagerou
Current fave: Thanatos-Japanic Pig mix

Depeche Mode
First song: Enjoy the Silence
Fall in love: Enjoy The Silence
Current fave: Walking in my shoes

Sonata Aerctica
First song: Fullmoon
Fall in love: Misery
Current fave: Flag In The Ground

First song: Libra
Fall in love: Hymn
Current fave: I Am Computer

Wweir Al Yankovic
First song: Amish Paradise
Fall in love: Jurassic Park
Current fave: Don´t Download This Song

First song: Honey Vanity
Fall in love: Kaikou
Current fave: Dans Erebos


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