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About me ... I don't have any awards - not even an honorable mention. Heck, I didn't even go to school to become a Writer - I was going to be a Fine Art Painter. Yet I had to pay my student loans. After college, I worked in Mental Health - as in schizophrenics and other assortment of severe mental disorders. All the while, I painted and drew - and wrote. I'm a Stephen King fan, so that may have something to do with my latter ambition in life. I was reading The Waste Lands (Dark Tower Book 3), much to my disappointment, and the Master's words spoke to me. King once said something about knowing you're ready to write a book when you recognize the fact - paraphrased - "You can do better." Grandiose, I know, but I knew the story I wanted to read - years of drawing monsters had spun my own mythology and I hoped for something comparable and real.

The book I wanted to write would fulfill a fading desire and breathe life into the chimeras I had sketched into my notebooks. That visual mythology was collectively called "The Mortui Philosophies." I had tried animation, but the repetitive work only produced frustration. So much in fact, I joined the 'sane' world and switched careers into Internet Technology. Secure, I had stopped painting and focused on a very rewarding career. After a few years lacking expression from my creative self and a disenchanting experience with the Gunslinger, my Pazuzu Trilogy took its first breath.


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