Another One Of Those Shuffle Games


10. Aug. 2007, 23:52

I stole this game from someone...

You probably know the drill, but in case you don't, here's what you do:
Put your music player on shuffle and use the songs that come up as the answers to the following questions.

1. What will you think when you give birth to your first child?
Hang 'Em High
Oh my. That doesn't sound good. I hope I don't hang any children I may have...

2. What will be on top of your list of wishes to Santa Claus this year?
Where Is My Mind?
I want the whereabouts of my mind? Heh, good luck with that one, Santa.

3. What will be tomorrow's news headline ?
But It's Better If You Do there will be a huge article about cabarets? That's quite something...I'd probably read that article.

4. Why would your neighbor want to sell you on eBay?
Life Less Frightening
Haha, I do seem to have that effect on people. Me being gone would lead to a life less frightening...

5. What will your best friend say at your funeral?
Attractive Today
That's a little...scary. She thinks I look attractive when I'm all dead and helpless? Protect my corpse!

6. You just won 1 million pounds in the lottery. What will you buy?
The World at Large
Yes, I would buy the world. But wait, it's only worth 2 million dollars? That's a bit pathetic...but I'm not complaining!

7. If you could travel though time, where would you end up?
Holiday From Real
Hm...California in the summer? Sounds hot and miserable, but I guess I'd have to deal. Although, that's not exactly time travel. "Fuck yeah, we can live like this..."

8. You just stepped into dogshit...your first thought?
Can't Take It
And why should I have to? Stupid dogs, stupid lazy pet owners...

9. Where will you spend your next vacation?
I Want to Be Buried in Your Backyard
So I want to be dead on my next getaway, eh? Fun, I've never been six feet under...

10. Why is water wet?
The Ocean Breathes Salty
I thought salt dried out stuff...Hmm...whatever.

11. What is your first thought after having sex?
Muscle Museum
I'm just gonna assume that means I slept with a guy who has an awesome six-pack.

12. What is the strangest place to drink a beer?
The War
Hmm, I don't think it'd be all that strange. I mean, it would be hella hard to come by, but I'd try to drink away thoughts of war as much as I possibly could.

13. What is the secret of world domination?
I Will Follow You Into The Dark
So I can't control the world during life? Well, that's just plain not fair!

14.How do you call your pet?
Coffee and Cigarettes
I highly doubt my cat has the capacity to have 3 constant names, but alright...Interesting, since she reminds me of neither coffee nor cigarettes.

15. How would you feel dating an alien?
A Lonely September
Hmm, I don't think that sounds too good. Me dating an alien would lead to a lonely September?

16. Your hair is on fire. What do you scream?
Maybe I should try saving my hair before I'm crying about missing it already...I'm very impractical that way...

17. Did you ever feel not being normal?
Smile Like You Mean It
Does this imply I smile like I don't mean it?

18. What do you think about
It shines down on me, on this life that's burning out...

19. You discover your mother in Playboy magazine... What's your reaction?
Why Am I Always Right?
You mean I already thought it was possible? Nasty buisness..."Now I need a guillotine (pronounced wrongly) to get you off my mind..."

20. What's the thing you miss the most right now?
Brothers on a Hotel Bed
I'm sorry for letting the teenager in me get the better of me, but when did I encounter brothers on a hotel bed? Did I have a threesome here that I just don't remember?

21. How would you try to kill the Highlander?
Clint Eastwood
Yes, I shall set Clint Eastwood on 'em and all will be well...

22. Why did the fish cross the road?
We Both Reached for the Gun
He was reaching for a gun...? What the crap, I don't know.

23. What's going on in your pants?
Razzle Dazzle
I'm sure it is...O.o

24. If you were a god, what would be your field of operation?
Love Shack
Oh yeah, you know I'm the god of the love shack. *winks suggestively*

25. What would you do with a nuclear bomb?
One Thing
And that one thing would be...?

26. You order a pizza...what's on it?
One Week
How do you fit a week on a pizza?

27. What would you do with a drunken sailor?
Think About Me
I'd make him think about me! Muwahahaha

28. What's your life philosophy?
Yay drugs!

29. What do you do with a rubber duck?
Place for My Head
I'd use it as a pillow!

30.Who is trying to kill you?
I never knew colors could hold vendettas...


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