Aaron Watt, 33, Männlich, Australien
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Über mich

I see my self having good morals and just want every one to get along. By the book type of person you could call me, don't like downloading music, movies or apps that are not legal. Would also see my self to be an honest person and loyal.

Spent 18 years of my life in a Family run boat hire business for which was very thankful that I that opportunity to do so. Grew up right on a river was very inspiring, to do this with Mum and Dad plus our dear beloved dogs Georgee, Max, Wonda and Bonnie who sadly are no longer with us and did they ever have a life a life that every dog dreamed of; thats tender loving care, freedom, and loyalty. In the boat hire that taught me allot about people; every day was a new face & a new problem to be fixed.

I've got a passion for well detailed music and audio systems along with well built cars. Have not forgotten my marine years (WaterCrafts), boats and ships interest me allot even tho don't own one any more.

I grew up using Mac (Apple Inc. Products), started using them in mid 1996 and still using them to this day. I expect people to respect that choice made. I swear to God if some insults my brand or me for using them I will really tell them to }#% off! I'm so sick of the pissing contest between droid and Apple! Or it be Samsung and Apple; I'm like "Shut the }#%^ up will ya!" oh man it just gets my blood boiling! I just want every one to get along peacefully and respect each other. If you can't respect that then you better go away.

My mother has told me that I "See Things In Black & White", it's either right or wrong. Also I either talk too much little of the time or I just sit back and watch/listen to every one else not saying a word.

Smoking, drugs and alcohol I don't believe in at all and have recently in the last 15 months gotten in to health food.


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