Project: Lavrador


16. Sep. 2011, 18:00

What is Project: Lavrador?

Project: Lavrador is a process of collecting information of all the audio genres/styles and ways of culture in music in existence through a single, unheard album.

My plan is to achieve one further step in this project by listening to 1 album every day. Keep in mind when I say genres, I don't mean rock, metal, classical, basically all of the "master" genres. I'm being very very specific, putting not just the popular genres under this project, but genres from all around the world. Not just musical genres either, anything audio is being counted (comedy, speeches, nature recordings). I am not going to be biased either. I will listen to something from every genre, even if it means children's lullabies or (Egads), crunkcore. Because of such, this will be a very lengthy project, possibly taking years to complete.

Each day, I will listen to a new album, from a new genre, give my own personal opinion whether I've enjoyed looking into this genre, if I didn't, if I felt like it could be something better represented in a different album, or I simply do not know what to think of or how to approach it. This is applied to every and all genres, whether I have advanced knowledge on the genre or no knowledge at all.

Concluding my attempt on an album from the genre du jour. Ratings will be logged into a database of average scores. Of course things could change, opinions on specific albums can alter with age. This project, while educational, is very beneficiary to me, possibly even you, that this might be the chance to find that "perfect sound". Subjective, I know.

Which genre will come out on top? Even I don't know.

The backbone of this project is still under construction, but the deadline to begin is expected to be no later than January of 2012.

Week 1 (Classical/Hip-Hop/Byzantine)
Week 2 (Arabic Pop/Romanian Folk/Spanish)
Week 3 (Electronic/German Rock/Jewish)
Week 4 (Japanese/Grindcore/Reggaeton)
Week 5 (African Folk/Ska/Canterbury Scene)
Week 6 (Hardcore Hip-Hop/Doom Metal/Russian Chanson)
Week 7 (African Pop/Latvian Folk/Klapa/Microhouse)
Week 8 (Punk Rock/African Sega/Lullabies/Indian Pop)
Week 9 (Rock & Roll/Forro/Ambient)
Week 10 (Hip-Hop/Mexican/New Age)
Week 11 (Musical Theatre/Nordic Folk/St Patricks Day)
Week 12 (Jazz/Alt-Country/Azerbaijani Folk)
Week 13 (Contemporary Folk/Gospel/Experimental Rock)
Week 14 (Teen Pop/House/Heavy Metal/Finnish Tango)
Week 15 (Dance-Pop/South Asian Pop/Sertanejo)
Week 16 (Techno/Psychedelic Folk/DnB/Caribbean)
Week 17 (Alt-Metal/Japanese Pop/Slovenian)


  • GPX

    How do you decide on what album to represent a style? Props for the sheer craziness and size of this project! I mean crazy in a good way ;)

    26. Mai. 2012, 10:45
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