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  • smiffy13

    Hi Inspired_today! Thanks for accepting the request. You'll have to update your profile with your name; otherwise I'll have to keep on calling you Inspired_today! I guess it doesn't need to be your real name, it's up to you. I'm always looking at what my LFM friends are playing and what their favourite albums are. I certainly play a wider variety of music now than I used to play.

    12. Jul., 9:29 Antworten
  • smiffy13

    Why haven't got any friends? My musical compatibility with you is SUPER Music you have in common includes Mark Knopfler, Joe Bonamassa, Dire Straits, The Beatles and Marillion. I've sent you a friends request, please tell me why if you don't want to accept, and please chat if you do accept!

    22. Jun., 12:52 Antworten
  • Antse

    Hey Nachbar, super Übereinstimmung :-)

    17. Mär. 2011 Antworten

    Willkommen an Bord, Inspired_today! Frohes Musikhören.

    28. Nov. 2010 Antworten