• One Suitcase

    11. Apr. 2006, 2:46

    This is the first time I'm listening to mink. I have to admit I'm very surprised at how wonderful her vocals are. I was completely amazed when I first listened to "One Wish". Her voice is beautiful and very powerful - impressive indeed.
    So I just decided to listen to most of her stuff all at once, by queuing them in my player while I was jogging on the treadmill. Everything sounded pretty pleasing. However, I was completely blown away when the song One Suitcase~別れの朝~ started playing. At first listen, that song quickly became one of my most favorite japanese songs. I have no words to describe this excellent tune. Mink has become, by default, one of my most favorite japanese singers. I'm definitely looking forward for her next releases from now on.MinkOne Suitcase~別れの朝~One Suitcase
  • A song that takes you in a travel through the mysteries of Neptune

    1. Jan. 2006, 5:46

    Neptuna mixes some of the best trance elements you could gather together into a single song. It starts pretty calm with a few electronic beats, cosmic instruments and automatic processed female vocals mentioning the name of a few planets of the Solar System, mainly Neptune, one of the most beautiful and distant planets from the Solar System.
    The first initial minutes of this travel turns into a rather mysterious, very beautiful and ethereal melody. This first part of the song is not very danceable but it prepares the field for an intense travel throug the Solar System heading towards Neptune. The song quickly creates images of the vast space, full of mysteries ready to be discovered as you start approaching the freezing deep blue methane atmosphere of Neptune.
    The song then develops into a more powerful beat reflective of the strong wind storms that take place inside Neptune's Great Dark Spot, getting you ready to dance on the floor.
    Are you going to get on board of this travel and discover the mysteries of this planet? Go ahead and listen to this amazing track "Neptuna".

    Grade: 10/10