De Magia Veterum - Spikes Through Eyes


21. Feb. 2008, 10:03

At first glance, De Magia Veterum may seem like a wall of noise. But hidden underneath this tidal wave of sound are deep, moving, complex melodies and rhythms. Sole creator 'M' manages to evoke a sense of chaotic frenzy for one to wallow in. A psychotic landscape where magma spurts from its ground as you try and escape its heat. This is the imagery Spikes Through Eyes presents to me.

The term 'avant-garde black metal' does not seem fitting of such a band. While many artists put under the so-called label may 'try' to be as different as possible, for De Magia Veterum it sounds completely natural. The music on this release is one of a natural progression of both black metal and music as a whole. The influences of sounds can range from noise to classical in one song. But always sounding right and never forced.

The production is perfectly suited for this type of music, it reminds me of a warm blanket of static. The vocals, while I hate to sound cliché, are hateful in their delivery, almost tribal. The riffs seep through your ears like piercings made into your genitalia. While painful as first, it has a certain pleasurable sensation. Knowing full well this will later benefit you. The ambient and piano sections help spread the chaos and give you time to rest from the slaughter. The music suffocates, drowns and pulls you down into a deep black hole. Where the only light comes from the waters surface which is just too far above you. At the same time, it is almost comforting, knowing that this will be your final resting place. Each instrument is played with proficiency, sutble moments of both beauty and technicality lay underneath only to be heard by those who give their full attention.

Not much more can be said for this demo. Its length is just about perfect. Not too short as to wanting more, and not too long as to get sick of it. Most songs are around 4 minutes, which is just the right amount of time to experience them. Which is basicly what this is... an experience. I would not recommend listening to this if you have things to do for it is better to just sit and take it all in.

This is a well needed release in a genre slowly losing its originality. Spikes Through Eyes will make you question the reason of life. It will make you think just exactly why we are here, or if it does any good for us to go on. It is a journey into Hell's fire, a flight through thunderclouds. A path in which only the most curious will likely tread.


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