Best Song Titles

best song titles in the universe
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Titel Dauer
1 Auto!Automatic!!2 Girls, World Cup 8:00
2 Don CaballeroYou Drink a Lot of Coffee for a Teenager 2:41
3 Don CaballeroDetail on how to get Iceman on your Licence Plate 5:36
4 Don CaballeroLet's Face It Pal, You Didn't Need That Eye Surgery 5:10
5 Explosions in the SkyFirst Breath After Coma 9:40
6 GutbucketFuck You and Your Hipster Tie 5:59
7 Look MexicoYou Ever Get Punched in the Face for Talking Too Much? 2:36
8 MaybeshewillThe Paris Hilton Sex Tape 3:33
9 That Fucking TankKeanu Reef 6:03
10 Neutral Milk HotelSong Against Sex 3:42
11 PhideauxSnowtorch, Part Two: Blowtorch Snowjob / Fox Rock 2 / Coronal Mass Ejection 16:11
12 The ResidentsMy Nigerian Friend 1:59
13 Man or Astro-Man?You Can't Get Good Riblets in Space 0:46
14 Messer ChupsWhen a knife Thrower missed the target 2:52
15 TubelordSomewhere Out There a Dog Is On Fire 3:47


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