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20. Feb. 2008, 22:00

I'll try to write here new music I discover and like a lot. Normally these artists/songs will be found in my playlist (perhaps until I delet'em or perhaps they'll survive for a long time.^^)
I recommend everybody, who has a more or less good music compatibility to me, to give'em a listen.
I won't write about every new artists/songs, just about the most important ones.


That's one of these bands I discover accidentally. I was hanging around, once again, at Tahiti 80 and afterward watched through the similar artists.
The chilly atmosphere of Ivy caught me immediately (most of all the song Feel so Free). Somehow it kinda reminds me of Au Revoir Simone but it's calmer. Till now (because of the time) I listened only through the album In the Clear, but it really got my attention. =)


This song (from the band Phoenix and their album It's Never Been Like That - see the image) is, once again, a very calm track. As I wrote in the shoutbox of the song, it's on one hand a simple song. There is not a complex melody or something like that. But the song effuses a great atmosphere.


That's a really cool song in a way (from Masha Qrella and her album unsolved remained (official morr music upload) - see the image). The song's really strong based on the beat. Ok, it's not really a beat as from a drum, but I can't evade my foot, to pad to the music^^. Once again a song without any vocal part, but as I wrote, it's kinda cool ^^.

Circa Survive

I've seen the song Carry Us Away (from the album On Letting Go) at intpmann's profile. I got curious about the song from the pic and yeah... liked it really much.
It's not a calm song as the last ones (finally a break in this row^^), but has a nice atmosphere. I like the emotional parts (I'm not one of them, who uses emo as an insult) of the voice of the band. The music supports that good in my opinion.

Soul for Me

That's a really special song (for me^^) from Pati Yang (from the album Silent Treatment- see the image). Pati Yang has a very unique voice and uses it very well. Also a big plus of this song are the drums (don't know if they're real but that's not the point, if the music's good^^). She tenses the song ahead of the small breaks. As a consequence, there's a dominant beat.

The ghost that carried us away
(see The Ghost That Carried Us Away (Offical Morr Music Upload). It's a little bit misnamed^^)

Here we are, to continue my "calm" row ^^. Don't ask me, how I stumbled over Seabear. Anyway, this album contains of 2 overall kinds of music. There are the in some manner sad songs, what matches good with the voice (f.e. I Sing I Swim). A friend of me called it too weepy, but I like it that way^^.
The other "style" is really cheerful. Songs like Seashell almost gets you to dance^^. Arms's the same kind of.


I think I got in contact with múm (ah, this little line over the u is unfamiliar to write ^^) by listening to the radio. Either my recommendations or similar artist of anyone.
Anyway it's a very atmospheric group (from Iceland, never knowed how Icelandic music sounds like ^^). The voice isn't really a voice (as for example some music of new age). It's more an element of the music itself. Listen to We Have a Map of the Piano for example. It's a track to dream away (I really like this one :) ).
Other good songs of'em are Now There's That Fear Again and Green Grass of Tunnel. I like almost the whole CD though)

Cathi Bruns

Aah! Calm music goes on^^. This time I landed in the singer-songwriter area. The music was suggested to me and after I gave a listen to it I immediately added it to my playlist
It is just beautiful music to listen to. The remarkable thing is, that this prettiness of the music is generated from both, the guitar AND the voice (I listened to a lot of singer-songwriters, who’s voice wasn’t that good). Over as well as I’m okay are my favourites.
I concentrated me not yet on the lyrics, so don’t expect a statement of me about it. (ok... I usually not concentrate me on the lyrics ^^. Some habit of me. There are just some exclusions.)
I recommend it to everyone who’s in search of some nice music, to chill out, relax or to just shut a little bit down.

Hannah Fury

Heeere, no thoroughly calm songs :). I never thought I’d really like to listen to some “darker” music but here we go. The songs are special in their way of changing from screams or other a bit mysterious sounds to beautiful melodies. There’s always a balance of these two aspects. Carnival Justice (The Gloves Are Off) Part II (a bit misnamed, on the Myspace site it is written in another way) is a good example for this. No Man Alive on the other hand changes from time to time.
Another point is the atmosphere, the songs effuse, this filling out of the room. You (or perhaps just me^^) can hardly understand what she sings (if you do not look at the lyrics) but that too gives the songs this special touch.
Girls That Glitter Love The Dark is a track, where there is the whole time melody (and which is my favourite, followed by Carnival Justice^^).

So long...


  • rockosmodurnlif

    Woo! Ivy journal. I love these guys too. I discovered them from the same album and now I have all their stuff.

    21. Feb. 2008, 5:41
  • VariChisholm

    found these guys by accident too and love this album !!! great choice to post :) Vari xxx

    5. Jun. 2008, 14:20
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