Mahatma's Music for the Day 8/3


3. Aug. 2006, 6:35

Lollapalooza starts tomorrow!!!

Heres a few of the smaller bands playing. I hope to see most of them, time permitting. So many bands, only 10 hours to watch them each day. Not fair.

1. Midlake comes across as a mix between Fleetwood Mac and the softer side of Radiohead. Their new album plays nicely, often sounding like it came from decades ago. This song is without a doubt their best to date, and one of the top songs this year.

Midlake - song: "Roscoe"

2. Sound Team plays during the same time slot as the Midlake (and actually 2 other bands I like are also at this time, making the Mahatma quite sad inside). Hopefully I'll catch part of this band, the newest in the long line of 80s tribute bands. Despite what the pretentious pitchfork had to say about the album, this is quite good. Pitchfork just has grudges against bands that get their break due to other websites like , so give this band a chance. Is the music ground-breaking or life changing? No. Is it enjoyable and yet still indielicious? Extremely.

Sound Team - song: "Your Eyes Are Liars"

3. Anathallo is a group I'm still deciding if I like or not. They border on that boring, almost in a pretentious way, kind of indie music. Theres just a little more there, though, that keeps me interested. This song from their new album is pretty solid.

Anathallo - song: "A Great Wind More Ash"

4. Catfish Haven lie somewhere where the realms of southern blues and gritty bar room rock meet, with just a dash of soul thrown in for good measure. No matter how they are classified, they simply make great music.

Catfish Haven - song: "Please Come Back"

Thats all for now. Lolla excitement must somehow hold off for a little longer. But you can join in on the excitement by listening.


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