Kristen (most call me Kris), 23, Weiblich, Kanada
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  • michaelroark

    I didn't think that was your picture. Rock on bass queen! The Peaveys play nice too, I was looking at getting a 6-string Cirrus. The 5 string Ibanezs are sweet too. (I prefer the Carvins over the Ibanez though). Keep rockin for Jesus!

    10. Jun. 2009 Antworten

    Welcome aboard, IbanezBassQueen! Happy listening.

    5. Apr. 2009 Antworten

Über mich

I have been playing bass for 6 years now and i love it! i have also been playing piano for 10 years and tenor sax for 4 years, and have been singing all my life (i had 2 years of vocal training). i have way more fun with my bass tho! :)

i own 3 horses who i show, ride and drive them (with carts and harness...no i do not drive them like cars and they do not drive cars! i have been asked that way too many times lol)

I am in a band where i sing and play bass. we dont really have an official name yet, its just a small garage band kinda thing. when people ask we just say we're a band "Without A Name". its been put on hold since me and the frontman/lead guitarist are away at college.

as my profile name states, i LOVE Ibanez guitars. i currently play a Peavy Milestone BXP bass, even though im not a huge fan of the Peavy i still love this guitar cuz my parents got it signed by Thousand Foot Krutch for my 16th Birthday. Someday I will buy an Ibanez 5 string but for now i have my signed Peavy 4 string. :)

oh...and if you are wondering who is in my picture...its not me lol. its my hero Dan Biro who is the bass player of the amazing band Hawk Nelson. I am a huge fan and supporter if this band cuz their hometown is like an hour and a half from my hometown! its a mix of their incredible music and dan's bass playin, and hometown pride that has me hooked! <3


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