[Goldfrapp] 5th Studio Album On The Way


19. Jul. 2009, 18:01

I just noticed that a 5th Studio Album section appeared on Goldfrapp's Wikipedia, leading to Goldfrapp.com/blog where Alison Goldfrapp, 4 Jun 09 said:
We are in London today writing, we are doing a week up here and a week in Bath, alternating like that until the album is finished. It’s great to be in both the city and in the countryside for the making of this album.
(Goldfrapp, Will Gregory)

I for one am looking forward to a Seventh Tree follow-up, ideally in the Felt Mountain or Black Cherry neighbourhood, but whatever it is courageous, please.

This is a little earlier in the year than when we heard the first whispers of Seventh Tree, so there's hope we'll see a release before Christmas.

Update 24 Oct 09: The most official word I've heard regarding a release date, has come to us via BBC 6 Music, a couple of days ago - "Alison says work is well underway on their new album due out in 2010".

Pls, check-out the Alison Goldfrapp & Seventh Tree groups.
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