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30. Okt. 2007, 3:46

Just in, via. Justin Adams (formally of the evolutionary band Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart) ...Paraphrasing DL of the Radio 3 Press Office:

The BBC Radio 3 Awards For World Music celebrate their seventh birthday with a dazzling set of nominations featuring some of the best music artists from around the globe including acclaimed Franco-Spanish punk maverick Manu Chao, nomadic Malian bluesmen Tinariwen and Algerian rocker Rachid Taha.

Malian player Bassekou Kouyate picks up two nominations including Best Newcomer, while Balkan Beat Box are nominated in three categories.

The nominated artists in eight of the 11 categories were announced on Sunday 28 October 2007 at WOMEX in Seville, Spain.

The nominees have been voted for by the delegates of WOMEX. The Album of the Year category is decided by a world panel of critics organised by fRoots Magazine. Voting for the final category - the Audience Award - is decided by Radio 3 listeners and opens in February 2008.

Award partners Serious, WOMEX, fRoots, Songlines and the Rough Guides have once again begun voting for a special World Shaker category celebrating an individual outside the limelight whose work has furthered the cause of world music.

The winning artists will be announced on 17 April 2008 at a winners ceremony in London to be broadcast on Radio 3 the following evening. The Poll Winners' Concert will be held later in the summer.

Previous winners of the Radio 3 Awards For World Music include: Ali Farka Touré, Nitin Sawhney, Ry Cooder, Gogol Bordello and Ibrahim Ferrer.

The 2008 nominations:

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BBC Radio 3: Awards For World Music 08 - AMERICAS Tag
BBC Radio 3: Awards For World Music 08 - MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA Tag
BBC Radio 3: Awards For World Music 08 - ASIA PACIFIC Tag
BBC Radio 3: Awards For World Music 08 - EUROPE Tag
BBC Radio 3: Awards For World Music 08 - CULTURE CROSSING Tag
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BBC Radio 3: Awards For World Music 08 - CLUB GLOBAL Tag
Radio 3's World Routes will broadcast the nominees announcement for the 2008 BBC Radio 3 Awards For World Music on Saturday 3 November at 3pm.

Lucy duran and Athens-based radio presenter Giorgos Markakis will be joined by musicians, promoters and critics from around the world to discuss the nominations.

Notes to Editors

The Radio 3 Awards For World Music is a unique collaboration between Radio 3, WOMEX, fRoots, Songlines, the Rough Guides and Serious, and the aim is to provide a showcase for the very best in world music.

Twenty-eight of the 36 nominees for the awards are voted by the delegates to WOMEX, the World Music Expo. The 2,000 delegates at the annual event each have a vote in all of the award categories, except for the Album of the Year and the Audience Award. Artists are voted for because of an outstanding album or live work during the past year.

The Album of the Year is voted on by a panel of critics assembled by fRoots magazine. The Audience Award is chosen by the general public, who vote from the overall nominations list.

In addition, music specialists at the BBC World Service choose one nomination in the geographical categories Africa, Americas, Middle East & North Africa and Asia-Pacific.

All of the nominations are then reviewed by the Awards For World Music jury (details of which can be found at bbc.co.uk/radio3) who choose the winning acts.

Interesting & intreging - I'm sure I'm not alone in being conclicted in many categories.

Another nagging question, in my mind, is - Is the Transglobal Underground offered with or without Natacha Atlas? (TGU is one of these slightly ephemeral 'collectives') *awaits clarification* Ian My.Mashable.com/Scrawl

Edit 5 Nov 07: Spellings Toumani Diabate & Symmetric Orchestra / Toumani Diabate corrected to "Toumani Diabaté's Symmetric Orchestra" / "Toumani Diabaté".


  • Babs_05

    Wow! I don't know who I want to win! I don't know all the artists by any means, but I know quite a few. Earlier this year, the BBC website for Radio 3 had a great page for this event, with tracks from all the nominees. I hope they do it again so I can check them all out.

    30. Okt. 2007, 14:50
  • talking_animal

    Go Toumani Diabate! That Symmetric Orchestra disc is fantastic.

    7. Nov. 2007, 16:23
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