¡¡¡Attention!!! Collaborative Matrix Track Tagging Is Here!


9. Apr. 2007, 16:22

I've long wanted to develop a series of pure track-tag (PTT) stations, based on streamable tracks from my weekly track charts. The those who know me, it'll come as no surprise that this'd involve the popularization of music I consider underrated and that I'd want to do it in a way to involve as many other on Last.FM as possible - Freely submitting tracks they think underrated. Well, finally it's here!
The series is built around the word attention, in that, this is music we consider worthy of more . Here's how to join in:
  1. Firstly, if you don't have a tabbed Web browser, get one! Browser tabs are a great innovation you'll love and a choice in now available for most operating systems (I personally recommend, the open source, Firefox). This will make the creation of your station very much more quick & easy!
    1. Open a browser window with your full weekly track chart and, if required, navigate to the week you'd like to make a station for.
    2. Open a new tab, for each of our top streamable tracks (e.g. all the ones that you've played more than once).
    3. As you go along, close the tag for tracks with more than 5,000 listeners and for those you've used an tag on within the same month, as you've selected.
  2. At this point you'll have a few tracks or dozens, depending on how hard you were listening (in the selected week), how much streamable music you listen to and frequency with which you tend to repeat tracks. Is the number of tracks you have less than forty?
    • Yes: Find the largest number of listeners for any of these tracks and remember that number as the weekly theme name.
    • No: Well it's time to narrow the field a little. The aim's to make a station of up to two hours play (allowing for a little skipping and the ten-ish tracks Last.FM are required to hold back, under the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act). So, assuming a good spread of artists, for an average track length of 4.5 min's and a skip rate of 10% - 40 tracks's about ideal.

      Take a look at your tracks, is there theme/genre/feature you'd like concentrate on, which'd arrive at a selection of 40 or just below?
      • Yes: Close the tabs for tracks that do not fit with your theme, until there's 40, or less, and make-up a short name for your theme, or repeat one already existence, and remember that as the weekly theme name,
      • No: In that case, go for the obscure!
        1. Close the tab for the track with most listeners, until you've only 40 tracks left.
        2. Remember the number of listeners for the most popular remaining track as the weekly theme name,
  3. Now for the tagging! Prefix your weekly theme name with "attention " and suffix with the end date of the week you selected, in D Mon YY format (e.g. 1 Apr 07). If your theme name'd been 90s (for tracks released last decade), this'd give attention 90s 1 Apr 07 as your basic tag ... but there's more.

    To multiply the fun, by encouraging the accumulation of your week's picks, with past/future weeks and the tagging of others, tag all the derivative of your basic tag, these are:
    1. By date precision: monthly, annual and no date, e.g. attention 90s Apr 07, attention 90s 07 & attention 90s.
    2. Date precision, without your weekly theme name, e.g. attention Apr 07, attention 07 & attention.
    3. By obscurity - Remember all those tracks have less than 5000 listeners! That gives e.g. attention 5K 1 Apr 07, attention 5K Apr 07, attention 5K 07 & attention 5K.
    4. Did you go for obscurity in your selection?
      • Yes: Lets have the following sections for obscurity, below 5K: 2K, 1K, 500, 200 & 100. Say your track with the most listeners had 265 - Replace your weekly theme name in your basic tag and all the tags that came from [1], above, with each of the section values (excluding 5K, done above), which are larger than your listener count, e.g. giving: attention 500 1 Apr 07, attention 500 Apr 07, attention 500 07, attention 500, attention 1K 1 Apr 07, attention 1K Apr 07, attention 1K 07, attention 1K, attention 2K 1 Apr 07, attention 2K Apr 07, attention 2K 07 and attention 2K.
      • No: Consider other derivations of your theme - Say, if your weekly theme name was Sheffield, you could do similar, to the above, with Yorkshire, England, UK, EU and Europe.
  4. Now, what a lot of tags you've got. Put them together into a single
    text (with commas), e.g. "attention 90s 1 Apr 07, attention 90s Apr 07, attention 90s 07, attention 90s, attention Apr 07, attention 07, attention, attention 5K 1 Apr 07, attention 5K Apr 07, attention 5K 07, attention 5K".
  5. Copy/paste this into the tagging for all of your tracks - radios does!
  6. Write a journal about the radio of your basic tag, with some words about some special tracks in there, would be nice, and including a link to the attention group - Publicity done!
  7. Post about your marvelous efforts in the attention forum - Comradery done!
And yes, you've guessed it, I've done one. In fact I've done two, but I'd like some time to put nice words into this weeks one.

From the week ending 1 Apr 07, here're my 40 streamable tracks with 2212 or less listeners - Attention 2212 1 Apr 07, please let me know what you think of it:

Harlem River Drive
Silver Turkey
Mwela, Mwe
Ya Rayi
Dobro #1
On va sauter
Regra Três
Coro Miyar
Mister Magic
Amor (Evolution)
Samba Rubro-Negro
Camisa 10 De Gavea
Menina Flor
One Note Samba (Part 2)
Morning Musume. - ???! We're ALIVE (Instrumental) Morning Musume.
Manchild - The Old School Mix
Com qualquer dois mil réis
Blues O'Mighty
You Used To
Seconds Away
101 Infoburner
Look Around
Feira De Mangaio
My Red Hot Car (Girl)
The End
Samba Do Gringo Paulista (Zero Db Mix)
Oye Como Va
Arsonist 2000 (Aphro Dub Mix)

Other tags applied: , , , , , , , , , & .
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  • talking_animal

    On my rolling three-month charts, there are only 12 streamable songs that I've listened to more than twice. I'm afraid I'll need to listen more repetitively in the future in order to be much help.

    9. Apr. 2007, 19:51
  • IanAR

    I count 36. Is your count excluding those with 5K+ listeners? [size=-1]I thought you'd be a problem *coughs crooningly: [i]knocked-out-coo-coo-groovy-wind in his tagging[/i].[/size] If so, we could add Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4 time periods and a 10K listeners bracket. I think you're likely to fill with about 90 min's worth. How'bout it? - Best, Ian [i]Metaphor Mixmaster[/i] AR [img]http://us.movies1.yimg.com/movies.yahoo.com/images/hv/photo/movie_pix/walt_disney/lady_and_the_tramp/ladyandthetramp1.jpg[/img]

    9. Apr. 2007, 22:39
  • dianashamilton

    I probably wouldn't go a fractal myself at first, but start with a simple look at whatever tracks I've heard more than twice that have say, less than 200 listeners. That could give a nice set as , kind of like , except track-style.

    9. Apr. 2007, 23:44
  • dianashamilton

    Forgot to mention: Ian's suggestion of as a cleaner alternate root! (used 5 times so far as itself).

    9. Apr. 2007, 23:47
  • IanAR

    Hey! I thought that was your idea! Any translation of attention would do, so long as it's reasonable recognizable and rendered with a character-set tags will accept. 0 taggings 0 taggings 0 taggings (but who want to learn that). (Atención - Español - don't fit :( ) Of the five [i]attenzione[/i]'s my fav'e. - Ian [img]http://www.benbrownfinearts.com/NewPics/600X450/Boetti/Boetti_Attirare%20l_atten.JPG[/img]

    10. Apr. 2007, 0:34
  • dianashamilton

    I just used on all my >2 personal plays, <500 listeners, and got a set of 101 labelled. Darn, it's surf-heavy. I thought there would be a larger number of listeners for that stuff...

    10. Apr. 2007, 3:06
  • IanAR

    *wispers winkingly: You'll see the stuff from my next weekly, around the 500 mark. Remember, under the scheme those can go on , & too :) Also, there's scope for an [b]attention surf ...[/b] series. - Best, Ian *looks forward to global tag radio*

    10. Apr. 2007, 3:21
  • talking_animal

    oppmerksomhet? When I counted earlier, that was greater than two plays, not greater than or equal to two plays. Thirty-six isn't a bad number for a tag, though. I'll have to check if it's all lesser-known. @d: What's wrong with surf?

    10. Apr. 2007, 4:35
  • cloudtrapeze

    [quote][b]IanAR[/b] said: I thought you'd be a problem *coughs crooningly: knocked-out-coo-coo-groovy-wind in his tagging.[/quote] Ah, but the cunning beast has developed a way around his tagging idiosyncrasies (no doubt in anticipation of projects such as this), this being: [list=1][li]Arrange attention-worthy tracks into a nice mix.[/li][li]Disseminate mix among various conscientious-tagger friends.[/li][li]Sit back and wait for tracks to appear in the charts of said friends, properly tagged and perchance even streamable.[/li][li]Repeat as necessary.[/li][/list] More fox than kitty at heart, wouldn't you agree? I'm going to have to work from my 3 month rolling chart as well. Being able to use the radio only between 2.30am and 9am local time has had a negative impact on the quantity of streamables in my weeklies.

    10. Apr. 2007, 9:37
  • talking_animal

    [quote][b]Quoth cloudtrapeze[/b]:[ulist][li]Arrange attention-worthy tracks into a nice mix.[/li][li]Disseminate mix among various conscientious-tagger friends.[/li][li]Sit back and wait for tracks to appear in the charts of said friends, properly tagged and perchance even streamable.[/li][li]Repeat as necessary.[/li][/ulist][/quote] I have two words for you, cunning cloudy clown: [ulist][li]Kandia Kouyate.[/li][/ulist]Actually, that was so 2006. This year's plan for galvanic musical dispersion goes something like this ([size=8]hey! is this forum closed?[/size]):[ulist][li]Identify highly regarded last.fm member.[/li][li]Shanghai said member out of her natural environment back to secret hideaway on remote New World island.[/li][li]Subject said research participant to extended listening sessions while scrobbling to her account.[/li][li]Sit back and wait for excellent tracks to appear in the charts of [i]her[/i] friends, properly tagged and perchance even streamable.[/li][li]Have too much fun to even dare repeating.[/li][/ulist] Time to get started on this year's April mix (for last year's, listen to last.fm radio station ).

    10. Apr. 2007, 14:26
  • Quiplash

    My brain hurts ;-)

    10. Apr. 2007, 19:42
  • cloudtrapeze

    [quote][b]talking_animal[/b] asked: (hey! is this forum closed?)[/quote] Forum? *looks around* Ooooops. Well, now that your formula's been revealed to the world I expect there'll be a wave of copy-cats. Better publish your research findings quick before one of 'em beats you to it! [quote]and having said: I'm going to have to work from my 3 month rolling chart as well.[/quote] Maybe I won't, as they don't seem to be anywhere near up to date :\

    11. Apr. 2007, 3:16
  • IanAR

    [quote][b]talking_animal[/b] said: When I counted earlier, that was greater than two plays, not greater than or equal to two plays.[/quote] For most it'd be advisable to go for a tighter definition of [i]tops[/i] than more than once (2+, 3+ or such), to ensure quality. However, with your low rate of repetition, I think 1+/3mth will be good, interesting and listenable. - Ian

    11. Apr. 2007, 11:06
  • IanAR

    [b], attention 1K Q1 07, attention 2K Q1 07, attention 5K Q1 07, attention Q1 07, attention 07, attention 1K, attention 2K, attention 5K, attention[/b] I've been dropping this of a few tracks on my [i]Arabesque[/i] PTT station. Looks like what'll be a well used tag-set and, Jonathan & Cloudie, that [b]Q1 07[/b] goes out to yous :D Best, Ian

    11. Apr. 2007, 19:39
  • kirlianblue

    I might as well start doing this as I know a lot of underrated stuff out there by many acts which I listen to on Last.fm

    12. Apr. 2007, 8:56
  • raw_u

    I love the idea! I'll get to this as soon as I get back home... which will achingly longtime away from now. Anyway, to add international attention: in finnish in swedish

    12. Apr. 2007, 20:14
  • Anne13

    I don't get it x).

    18. Apr. 2007, 17:23
  • IanAR

    Discussion over -> here.

    27. Apr. 2007, 6:57
  • justinrotnluk

    Do you need a subscription in order to use this, because you're talking about needing to have listened to the track two times, which I'm assuming means it's like personal radio, of which you can't listen to your own, if you don't have asubscription?

    2. Mai. 2007, 16:19
  • IanAR

    With a subscription one's much better placed to listen to a given, lesser known, streamable track twice within the same week. However, this's not vital. One might have such tracks in one's private collection or explore such tracks through:[list=A][li]tag radios, global or of subscribers, which're focused on track-rich tagging and/or obscurities (e.g.s my [i]Obscure Yet Streamable Tracks[/i], ).[/li][li]obscurity focused personal play-lists (e.g. mine) or custom radios (e.g. LAYSA Custom Radio).[/li][/list][img]http://panther1.last.fm/groupavatar/458fd9062684b2ac5b5e505166eddb2e.gif[/img]

    2. Mai. 2007, 16:52
  • netswipe

    you got great ideas ian ^^

    29. Mai. 2007, 14:08
  • Babs_05

    How long does it take to complete one week's tag radio? If you're doing this every week, how much time do you allow? Any handy shortcuts developed yet? Any workarounds for when the servers (or internet connections) are slow? Agreed - great idea. : )

    2. Jul. 2007, 4:47
  • IanAR

    Hi Babs - Funny you should show-up here, I was just looking at this, for reference, since I'm working on my quarter end obscurities station now. It's taken me 30 min's so far and I've got about 40 tracks picked out. Tagging now :) Ian

    2. Jul. 2007, 5:14
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